Google Finds New Site To Test Self-Driving Cars

11 Apr

Google self-driving, Google cars

Phoenix will soon become the fourth testing site where the search engine organization will test its self-driving vehicles

The robot revolution might soon enter Arizona. Over one year after Uber technologies started to formally collaborate with the Tuscon-based University of Arizona, Google declared it would start testing its self-driving Lexus SUVs in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

The city will become the fourth testing site for the Google X venture, which is owned by Alphabet, leaving two more locations that the search organization applied to the Federal Communications Commission.

Those two locations have not yet been announced. Other testing sites include the head office of the company in Austin, Texas, Kirkland, and Mountain View, California. Many states have ratified laws to regulate testing of cars and therefore, capable of turning into the next destination to Google’s self-driving project. These include Washington D.C, Tennessee, North Dakota, Florida, Michigan, and Nevada.

The company has yet to test its automobiles in snowy environments, such as Michigan, where automobile manufacturers, such as Nissan, BMW and Ford are conducting tests of their automobiles at the University of Michigan, turning the state into a worthy candidate.

Obviously, Arizona is a choice for Uber – which has established the headquarters of its mapping business at the University of Arizona – and Google because it is the only US state in which the governor has released an executive order.

The executive order requires state authorities to not only permit for but also to facilitate autonomous vehicle testing. Nevertheless, similar to regulations ratified in California, the executive order of Governor of Arizona Doug Dacey requires drivers to have a driving license and the capability to “direct the vehicle’s movement if assistance is required.”

The full self-driving prototype automobile of Google is not equipped with a steering wheel – although the organization does have controls for manual driving, which can be connected to the automobile as required – and will not pass through the testing phase in Arizona. But the organization’s fleet of retrofitted Lexus cars has all trimmings of manual cars and will let drivers take over whenever needed.

Former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery hopes to turn Arizona into a tech hub. For this purpose, he has formed a council on the sharing-economy to progress the regulations of the state on sharing-economy organizations and in 2015, ratified ride-sharing rules that upended current insurance mandates.

Days after Dough passed those rules, Uber established a Center of Excellence in Phoenix and promised to provide 300 job opportunities – a measure taken by Uber in many markets where it is being challenged by regulatory issues.

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