Google Takes Step To Make Asia Better Place To Live

08 Apr

Google power, Google Asia

The search engine operator invests in non-profit organization ‘Center for Resource Solutions’ to help it develop environment-friendly standards

Google has promised that all of its gargantuan datacenters will consume power from renewable power sources. It has invested money into it to make the biggest green power purchaser (for any non-utility company) ever in Dec 2015.

The American search company is interested in being in the Asian region. Trouble is that it is difficult to purchase green power there. The technology to attain proper credentials for renewable power sources is virtually not existent in the Asian region. So, the company is intending to go along.

Today Google said it was investing seed money for the non-profit organization, Center for Resource Solutions, to formulate standards across the continent for green power. It is noteworthy not only due to its nice corporate citizen gesture, which all the technology companies are committing now (after some arm wringing).

For the search engine operator, it is another indication that it is exploring ways to enter the power sector. It would not state how much money it is investing, but there are some speculations.

These types of programs are essential for helping organizations such as Google to really know that the energy they are purchasing comes from a renewable energy source. They work by “tagging” every MWh of power generated from an energy source such as solar or wind as renewable, which establish a renewable energy certificate (“REC”).

This is particularly significant for Google in Taiwan, where it is actively looking to buy renewable power for its data center. There are a handful of nebulous power projects percolating inside its parent organization, Alphabet, including a wind power moonshot, wind investments and solar partnership in the African region – but this move is being properly taken by Google. A huge investment for the company is yet in its datacenters.

The new program is beginning in Taiwan, where the organization has a datacenter, but it expects to grow soon to fulfill its procurement commitment while it grows across the Asian region. Where in Asian region? What about China, where the company is quite interested in establishing itself soon.

In December last year, Google announced that it was extending its clean-energy portfolio with agreements for 781 MWs of wind and solar energy by signing 5 contracts to purchase output from energy producing plants in Sweden, Chile and US. The deals provide it contract for two gigawatts of renewable power across the world, it stated at that time.

The power-purchase contracts run from a decade to two decades. In July, the company pledged to increase its renewable power by three times by 2025. At that time, it had agreements to purchase 1.1 gigwatts of such energy.

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