Chevy Bolt Threatens Tesla Model 3 With Low Price

01 Apr

Tesla price, Tesla competition

Tesla Motors needs to compete with Chevy Bolt to dominate the competitive auto-market as both electric vehicles are low priced

Forget about old fights fought between Ford and Chevrolet or Toyota Motors and Honda. The wars between Tesla and GM are becoming nastier. Both automakers will soon move after the customers who can pay a sum or $30,000 or greater on an electric vehicle, as GM unveils its electric car Chevy Bolt in late 2016 and Tesla starts delivering Model 3 next year.

In January, GM exhibited Bolt, while Tesla will launch its Model 3 on March 31. The Michigan-based company positions Chevy Bolt to deliver to a large number of people, which will allow the organization to meet regulatory targets for required zero-emission car sales, and to point out technology made by GM with its first EV, the EV1, launched 19 years ago.

When GM stopped producing EV1in 2002, Toyota turned into darling of environment–friendly purchasers by launching its Prius Hybrid. In the meantime, Tesla looks to its Model 3 to help it prove that it can deliver battery-powered cars to the mass market and earn a profit.

Both vehicles will be offered at a starting price of $30,000 or less after federal tax credits worth $7500 are provided. Both have a range of 200 miles on a 321.869 km with their fully charged batteries.

The Chevy is a 5-passenger hatchback that has more legroom and boasts cargo area for rear passengers – front-seat backs are one inch thinner compared to those in most vehicles. The Californian organization has hidden details, but the low-priced Model 3 will probably be around the size of the German BMW 3 Series.

In January, CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra described the virtues of Bolt at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas by stating, “Bolt customers won’t have to drive to another state to buy, service, or support their vehicle.”

Tesla owners outside California should sometimes drive long distances for repairs and maintenance, the EV maker has less than 100 stores across the nation, while Bolt has 3000 dealerships. In February, CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk said he welcomes GM’s new car to the auto-market, but does not view it as a competitor.

“You should think of the Model 3 as sort of really competing in kind of the BMW 3 Series or Audi A4 market,” he said. Elon successfully aimed at luxury carmakers such as BMW, Porsche and even Audi, with its Model S, the first full-size electric vehicle of Elon Musk’s company, which was brought to the streets of the US 4 years ago.

It now begins at around $75,000 and can go well ahead of $100,000. Chevy will promote Bolt on its practical features and value. “Frivolous gadgets” would not cut it, states an official of GM, Darin Gesse.


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