VITA Awards Contract To Verizon Communications and CenturyLink

28 Mar

Verizon service, Verizon infrastructure

VITA has awarded Verizon Communications and Century Link a contract to provide services to replace legacy networks and communications infrastructure.

The digital government push by Virginia was boosted in March 2016, with the commonwealth nominating two suppliers on a new $150 million network services agreement. Under this contract, known as VITAnet, the telecom company, CenturyLink, and Verizon will battle for orders to offer services to local and state authorities to help them replace communications infrastructure and legacy networks.

The agreement is good for half a decade with an option to renew it for another 5 years. Purchases by the domestic agency are confined at $150 milllion. Virginia Information Agency has awarded the contract to Verizon and CenturyLink.

VITAnet oversees the purchases of communications and network equipment by the local entities. State authorities eligible to purchase through the agreement include local and county government, private and public colleges, public security organizations and K-12 schools.

Within the commonwealth, public entities differ from the federal authority in the sense that they are finding better ways to digitally engage citizens. Whether it pays bills on a mobile app or fills out forms on the internet, the underlying tech infrastructure must be prepared to manage this rising data exchange across the network.

Both Century Link and Verizon will play their role as consultants, help authorities make fashion modernization and purchasing plans for future. The headquarters of the public sector business is located in Ashburn and employs 8300 in Virginia. The federal business of CenturyLink is led by offices located in Airlington, with around 425 workers in the D.C metro area.

VITA provides the purchasing platform for authorities to purchase the services provided by the two telecommunication service providers, a spokesperson of the agency emailed to Washington Business Journal’s staff reporter, James Bach.

Two methods can be used by local and state public entities to make purchases – the direct service plan and full-support plan. In the email, it was also written that majority of the purchases is done on full-support plan.

VITAnet replaced the Commonwealth of Virginia network, the legacy vehicle that conventionally used to handle these services. In other news, Digital Trends reported that Verzion Communications has awarded affiliated certificates to a number of organizations, including security and anti-virus companies, such as D-Link Huawei, Imperva, Palo Alto Network and Comodo.

These certificates were called “meaningless” by security expert of Google, Tavis Ormandy, who claimed that the certificates are unable to recognize “low hanging fruit” defects in Antivirus products.

Tavis is habitual of not only publicly criticizing anti-virus and security software developers for making mistakes but also for pushing them for improved practices.

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