Samsung Launches New Social Media Network, Waffle

18 Mar

Social Media Networking, Waffle. Electronics Industry, Photo Gird Graffiti

Samsung is now starting its very own social network, ironically named Waffle, to entertain users.

Samsung launches its very own social media platform, shockingly known as ‘Waffle’. This name is an unusual one for social network but that did not stop the electronics maker. Most names for social media companies are unusual and unheard before but waffle topped with maple syrup can only not be known by a caveman. The South Korean tech giant has chosen a new industry for itself again to set foot in, while others in the business might give Waffle a hard fight for their territory.

The Galaxy maker recently announced decline about to face this year due to the mighty competition faced by it from its major rival, Apple, and other Chinese competitors including Huawei. Thus, the company has taken the decision to switch to other markets to generate a healthy profit. It has even launched a music application and now it will have its own social media platform.

Waffle is highly similar to another social media company, Snapchat, where users can create images and videos. Waffle can become ideal for special occasions such as birthdays, wedding, baby shower, etc., giving a chance to users to create their collages and grids for their loved ones. Users can expand their grids endlessly, as they do not have any limitation. The product was manufactured in Samsung C-Lab, giving customers to make their own stories. Users can post any image and edit them, playing with the original image as much as they please.

The maker of the best smartphones believes that its latest creation will enable users to put in to their own ideas into images and give them more freedom over what they want to do with them. This is not the only feature offered by the application – a social challenge is available where users will reach the high bar if they draw eight images making a grid, which is one of the reasons for this application to be named Waffle. It will make boxes like in a waffle but of images and graffiti.

Samsung is going to test whether the application is successful or failure in the period of one month. The grid application is only available for Android at this point, meaning Samsung’s mobile phones, but might be launched for iOS if it is successful by the end of this year. Waffle was launched at a Southwest conference that was held in Austin on Monday.

Samsung is unique in its creation without doubts. It recently launched the most unexpected products, including this application. It launched a smart belt and a smart suit. If Waffle does not prove to be successful, it will be shut down within this year. For now, users should see what this application has in its ‘boxes’.

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