Google Comes Up With Geek Vans For Consumer Feedback

16 Mar

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Google to conduct research in Us via its Geek Vans

Alphabet Inc. has made up its mind to gradually change its conventional research mechanism which is algorithm based along with user feedback extraction process with vans driving past the country. Google has come up with an alternative practice that will assist them in gauging the way individuals respond to upgrades, new product offerings and features in the company’s extensive web business.

As per a report published by the Associated Press, the tech behemoth will have researchers in a white van that will have the company’s patent font all over it in red, orange, blue, yellow and green. These vans which are designed for garnering feedback will roam around various cities in the United States in April and March. People will be asked to get on board and have hands on experience with the features and Google products in real time.

The product researchers for the company will be observing the random testers while they try the new apps and services. the idea behind this initiative is to develop a better understanding regarding how people make use of and respond to the company’s offering beyond the Silicon Valley vicinity. A prominent researcher at Google having expertise in Maps and Searches, Laura Granka claimed that the team will try its best to go to as many places as possible and the aim is to collect as much information as possible.

The company’s van will so far cater to Colorado, New York, Atlanta, South Carolina, Nevada, California and North Carolina. The journey will start in New York where the vans will halt on Monday at Chapel Hill till March 18, then it will move to Clemson from March 21 to March 22, then the next destination is Atlanta followed by the remaining places.

It is speculated that the cars will apparently be found near colleges, parks and libraries. The goal is to have a sample audience of 500 people to enter the van and take part in the experiments throughout the trip. Those who participate will benefit in the form of gift cards along with the opportunity to experiment with some of the company’s new and popular offerings for free. Almost the time duration of one session can be an hour and a half.

Coming up with a setup of this nature is extremely uncommon practice in the tech fraternity particularly from tech leaders like GOOG. The idea of a Google Van patrolling in your vicinity is rather intriguing, exciting and also ignites curiosity.

It is not prominent that which companies will actually benefit from this research since Google already conducts a lot of research, testing and experiments at its headquarter. However, by involving humans in the process and recording their experience live will add more depth to the research being conducted. Moreover, it is likely to be fruitful since a machine analyzing data is rather more robotic and cannot encompass various emotional aspects in the study.

Thus, do not be scared if you are chosen on the roads for the search engine giants research rather avail the opportunity and enjoy the experience.


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