Facebook Allows Publishers To Distribute Content Through Messaging Service

04 Mar

Facebook publication, Facebook distribution

Facebook intends to provide an opportunity to publications to use Messenger to distribute their content so that it could further penetrate into the print media industry.

Facebook intends to launch a publisher friendly application. Mobile messaging applications are usurping social networks as a new platform through which publications are provided an opportunity to distribute their content.

Now Facebook looks to join them with its own popular messaging application. Soon Messenger will soon let publications automatically distribute their own content through its messaging service. The company aims to announce the measure with many participating publishers in April during its annual developer conference, F8, sources stated.

At F8 2015, Facebook announced that Messenger was extended by it beyond a chatting application to turn into a platform within itself as the social network of its parent company has turned into. At that time, people used applications such as Giphy to send GIFs from that application through Messenger and businesses that could use Messenger as a new customer service channel.

Previously this year, according to reports of Tech Crunch, the Californian organization started to test tool to help other developers in developing chat bots, which are plugged into Messenger so that users could take actions such as requesting Uber from conversation thread found in Messenger.

Technology firm Imperson used the tool to develop a Miss Piggy chatting bot for the “The Muppets” of ABC so that persons could have a conversation with the fictional character, whose respond with the help of computer algorithms that used to analyze what anyone stated to the chat bot and chose the most relevant reply out of a predefined list.

German publication Bild looks to be the first publisher to utilize the still-private high-tech tool to distribute articles through Facebook Messenger when it started to do so in last month. A spokesperson of Bild‘s parent company Axel Springer did not gave a response to a request for sharing views.

The use of Messenger by Bild seems to be an initial example of what more publications will be able to do by using Messenger when the social network operator officially opens the service. After people started conversation using Messenger with BILD ticker which used to just communicate in German – the chat bot of the publication would send messages to them.

Those messages briefly described a news article with the link to the site of Bild to find out the entire article, revealed by the screenshot inside the report of NiemanLab.In other news. According to Guardian, millions of British pounds will be paid by Facebook in Britain tax after fundamentally changing its European corporate structure. Beginning in April 2016, the company will alter its policy to rout the revenue earned from its biggest marketers showing content on its platform through the United Kingdom instead of Ireland.

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