Amazon and Ericsson Boost Cloud Computing Speed

24 Feb

Amazon cloud, Amazon Europe

Amazon has partnered with Ericsson to ensure that customers are able to enjoy one of the best cloud services.

Ericsson, which makes the gear running most of the wireless networks across the world, wants to establish its foothold in the cloud sector. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the public cloud computation leader, is interested in ensuring that the mobile applications deployed and developed on its infrastructure are delivered to users in the most efficient manner.

On Monday, at the Mobile World Congress, both organizations announced to collaborate to help the conventional customers of Ericsson – telecommunication service providers – speed up the cloud facilities using the infrastructure of the online ecommerce company.

It will help those facility providers to develop gateways connecting AWS data storage to their own datacenters. Another objective is to pioneer technology that manages workflow between AWS datacenters and internal facilities of telecoms.

Amazon’s appeal is that networking capacity, computing power and storage space can be rented from a cloud service provider, which is maintaining and owning all the resources in its own datacenters. The advantage for customers is that they are paying for that which is used by them and do not need to update all that software and hardware at the backend.

Conventional telecoms such as Century Link and Verizon have all entered the cloud sector but have not been able to get a share while the Seattle based company has developed what seems to be a cloud business of $10 billion per year.

Expertise of Ericsson in mobile communications service and industrial-grade networking gear coupled with cloud of Amazon are capable of winning together, head of Ericsson cloud business, Jason Hoffman, spoke to Fortune.

The technology of the Stockholm-based company can ensure graphics-rich video or page  are delivered reliably and quickly over wireless connections, something that mobile developers are very much concerned about – particularly in remote regions lacking wire-line connections.

Plans have been made by Ericsson to establish “cloud innovation centers” to speed up its customers on cloud. The first similar facility established with Australian telecom ‘Telestra’ is already working. The communications company will provide consultants and engineers while Amazon will chip in professional services, training and solution architects.

In other news, Ericsson joined ‘Open Compute Project’ (OCP), a consortium of tech organizations that specifies open source designs for servers and other datacenter hardware. Initially introduced by Facebook five years ago, OCP attained a large number of members in the interim. AT&T and Verizon joined in January. Ericsson also plans to work on next-gen datacenter hardware with Quanta.


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