Uber Concerned Regarding Its Drivers Unionization in Seattle

23 Feb

Uber Seattle, Uber union

Uber has layed off a large number of customer service representatives which led to a rebellion by call center representatives

Uber drivers were allowed to unionize in Seattle, which becomes the first city to let them do so. Drivers then start getting “customer service” calls to conduct a poll on their satisfaction with the American application based ride sharing business, while sending anti-union messages in a ham-handedly manner.

Ironically, the transporter has been rapidly outsourcing its call center job opportunities. It has laid off a large number of customer service representatives with the outcome that a rebellion was led  by call center representatives in not to subtle and subtle manner as they found themselves united with the driving partners against a single enemy: Uber technologies.

The California based company is concerned that a successful step to unionize in Seattle  can be the thin edge of the wedge, with other cities following, providing driving partners an opportunity to negotiate ratings, pricing and other significant aspects of their lives. As the ride sharing enterprise’s driver Don Creery has claimed that the position of Taxi Company is driving partners are independent contractors.

Uber’s concerns regarding unionization are not necessarily misguided. There are two federal legislations under which the cab company could challenge. The ordinance of Seattle and every law could take a lot of time to resolve.

Even if the ordinance is moved forward without any obstruction, it would probably taken 12 to 18 months before the transportation company and its driving partners reached any contracts by collectively bargaining, states members of city council of Seattle who financed it.

In other news, Australia based cab service provider GoCatch would become the first domestic organization to introduce an alternate to Uber X by providing its new cab service GoCar in 22nd February 2016 in Sydney.

The facility will be availed through the current GoCatch application and will permit users to choose between conventional cab booking or a GoCar.

GoCatch states the new facility intends to enhance the experience of ride sharing for both passengers and drivers, by paying more to cab drivers  and by ensuring that surge fares are not charged to riders.

CEO of GoCatch Ned Moorfield spoke to Business Insider “We will be cheaper than Uber X, with a base fare similar to Uber’s but with no surge pricing, Fares will typically be 30% cheaper than a traditional taxi in off-peak and 10-15% cheaper during peak.”

Despite of the launch of the service on today, Ned states he is having a large number of drives who are waiting  to join it.

GoCatch will charge drivers a commission of 15% instead of the 20% charged by Uber, they will also be paid on daily basis rather than on a weekly basis.



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