Amazon Establishes Warehouse In Kent Which Worries Locals Of Region

23 Feb

Amazon warehouse, Amazon Kent

Locals in Kent believe that Amazon would establish a warehouse and threaten the future of the listed medieval church.

Amazon plans to develop a warehouse in Kent are being discussed in the region. It is expected that nearly $72.03 million would benefit the company’s project and threaten the listed medieval church’s future.

Local residents and councilors expressed their concerns about the opening of a new 1m sq. ft. warehouse at a site in Sevington, arguing it would create low paid job opportunities and “worst kind of corporate citizenship” to the region.

The GMB trade union claimed that Amazon participated in the venture and council documents suggested that the planned development is related to it. However, Ashford borough council and the Seattle-based organization have denied the claims, while the planning application submitted by the developer reveals it has not yet signed up a tenant.

The row highlights how the company has turned into an emotional issue in localities and has echoes of Tesco’s regular clashes with villages and towns as it tried to grow a year ago. Tesco submitted planning applications under names of different companies so that they get a better opportunity to succeed and avoid opposition from locals.

The planned development would establish on boggy greenfields next to the villages of Mersham and Sevington in Kent, which have been locked between the M20 and the A2070, two of the Southeastern major travel routes.

The developers, supported by national and local government, are interested in building a new junction on the M20 to facilitate businesses that will occupy the site. The new junction’s cost estimated by Highways England is $100.84 million. The Department for Transport will provide $38.9 million, $28.81 million will be provided by the South East Local Enterprise Partnership. Developer and the occupiers would pay the remedial cost. Organizations, which will employ the site, would benefit from millions of pounds provided by the government.

The GMB trade union has been convinced that the American company is participating in the venture after going through the disclosed council documents. It fears that Amazon could be expecting financial support despite of the tiny amount of tax paid by it and the method employed by it to treat its employees.

Guardian saw the budget documents of the Ashford Borough council, which indicates that it believes a venture simply labeled as “Amazon” would contribute to its income.

Nevertheless, the council has denied that Amazon will occupy the site will. A number of factors have led to the speculation that the e-commerce giant is linked to the site. First, in the submissions given to the council regarding their plans, the developers – Axa – named Amazon amongst those organizations that will be occupying the warehouse.


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