Tesla and SolarCity Reevaluates Shared Experiences

12 Feb

Tesla cash, Tesla solar

Since the past few months, SolarCity is trying to stem its growth for reining costs in the industry.

Tesla Motors and SolarCity are sharing a lot in common as their founder Elon Musk is focusing on new power technologies and fast valuations. This week, both are trying not live outside their means.

In 2015, the solar energy service provider actually started acting according to the program when it stated to cut down its growth for cutting costs. Yet its most recent results, released on February 10, 2015, demonstrated that up till now, there is progress on slowing down front but not on anything else: Cash outflow hits peak in the final quarter.

The stock is over 50% lower than its value in October. The electric vehicle maker, whose own stock declined by approximately 32% during the time, should hope it is capable of doing better. It disclosed results one day later and stated its cash flows would turn positive in 2016.

“Cash is king” its CFO – recently appointed like that of SolarCity – stated while addressing a call on Wednesday. But so its growth: the automaker is planning to supply between 55% and 74% more automobiles this year and launch its highly anticipated Model 3 and crank up its Gigafactory.

A huge red flag indicates how the automaker evaluates cash flow. While responding to a question in an evening call on Wednesday, it acknowledged that the money earned by an asset-backed program has flattered this figure to fund some automobile deliveries – or “short-term borrowing,” as many other people call it.

In reality, less cash was paid by the carmaker – when described as cash from operations minus capital expenditure – in the fourth quarter than that of the previous. The factor that makes it odd is that the organization selected this quarter to stop reporting free cash flows separately in a letter written to shareholders.

Maybe this is because, even though with sluggish place, the figure of $441m was in negative. Overall, the company had a cash outflow of $2.16 billion past year. This is over two times the amount of 2014 and also over twice of “less than” $1bn estimated by former CFO in this time of 2015.

During the course of previous year, net of cash, long-term debt virtually grew three times to $1.44 billion. Tesla now has cash worth $1.2bn, with Chief financial officer Jason Wheeler stating $1bn is “a nice comfort level” in terms of the least capital required to operate the business.

Tesla told it won’t need to look for more ‘external’ finances in 2016.Yet it hopes that it’s capital expenditure would be cut down by $1.5 billion lower than that of the previous year, as it is sticking to the promises for growth that are underpinning its flagging stock and some price targets of wilder analysts at Wall Street.




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