Cab Drivers In Kenya Protests Against Uber

11 Feb

Uber protests, Uber Kenya

Cab drivers are launching protests against Uber to shut it down in Nairobi.

Cabbies are launching protests against the presence of Uber service provider in Nairobi, Kenya. They told its lower fares are forcing them to go out of the business and are asking the Government to shut the transportation service down. Two suspects were arrested recently as they were alleged for attacking an Uber driver in the city.

Kenya’s United Taxi Organization rejected the allegation that its members were responsible for attacking the drivers. Nevertheless, the company pledged to bring the capital of Kenya to an unending halt unless the government shuts down the cab service, which investors have valued at $50 billion.

During the past few weeks, Uber drivers have complained that they were harassed and threatened with the company doing a little for helping them. Andrew, aged 54, who worked as Uber driver for almost 12 months, told Quartz that on January 19, a group of people surrounded his vehicle and tried to pull him out of it.

Andrew only succeeded in getting away after he was able to drive through the group. He and others want the company to collaborate with the Kenyan police for setting up an emergency hotline and hire the services of a security service provider. He states that up till now, the only advice given by the organization to drivers is if their vehicles is damaged, they should take them to the Uber office in Centeral Nairobi.

Another driver, 36-year-old Stephen, former airline dispatcher, who worked with Uber for approximately six months, said he suffered from harassment twice. On January 28, he picked up a rider in the central business district of Nairobi when many vehicles surrounded him.

Stephen sped up, crossed over the median into what could have incoming traffic if it would not have been early morning. Passengers of Uber technologies are adversely affected by the battle and they are tired of the service.

When a driving partner of the Californian taxi company came to pick up social worker, Anne Chen, and her 3-year-old daughter from outside a famous shopping mall in Nairobi, a group of drivers surrounded the car and blocked her from entering it.

Anne decided not to take the car. She asked the driver to leave prior to the worsening situation. She emailed to the company complaining about the escalation of the battle.

Uber replied it is aware of the incidents and now collaborates with all the relevant parties and authorities to address the situation.

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