Tesla Powerwall Installation Begins In Australian House

03 Feb

Tesla Motors battery, Tesla Motors Australia

A house in Australia will soon be equipped with the solar powered battery, Tesla Powerwall.

Tesla Powerwall can now be installed at a local Australian household by the earliest in Friday, with the first delivery of the much-hyped 7 kilowatt-per-hour residential batteries arriving to Australia this week. American manufactured batteries offered for sale in the Australian region in December 2015 and the names of the first domestic authorized re-sellers of Tesla Powerwall were disclosed.

The energy retailers who were named amongst the primary resellers of Powerwall include Natural Solar, Simply Energy, and Origin Energy. Whereas installations were expected to be initiated this month, the first installation of the battery at a residency will be announced this week, although Clean Technica did not disclose further details as the story was promised to other media company.

The Powerwall made by Tesla only to meet the requirements of the power storage market for residencies will mostly be provided in Australia as a 7 kilowatt-per-hour unit, although the company told it will also provide a 10 kilowatt-per-hour unit.

It is by no means the only battery to be offered for storing power – or the cheapest in Australian market, with a rising number of inquiries conducted regarding the device had proved to be staggering.

The superchargers network – which can add 270 kilometers of range in only half an hour – is being established to permit Tesla charging free of cost along the Australian east coast. The two newly opened stations are located in Wodonga and Goulburn since October 2015.

The Supercharger in Goulburn – the southern hemisphere’s biggest station – means that now drivers would drive Tesla vehicles to Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Byron Bay and Sydney free of charge. Superchargers have also been installed in Sydney, Euroa, the flagship store of Tesla in St. Leonards, Sydney, and The Star Casino in Pymont.

Powerwall is a home battery that can be used to powering houses in the evening or as a backup power supply. Recently, the device has been launched in Australia and has received positive feedback from those who have initially used it.

CEO Elon Musk announced to develop the solar-powered battery for homes in April 2015. His company later stated in September that it aims to introduce Powerall in Australia – a nation especially chosen for its high usage of solar power. Now, it is offered in the region and seems to make an excellent first impression.

Natural Solar’s Managing Director, Chris Williams, told the interest of Australia in Tesla Powerwall is somewhat overwhelming. Choice has reported that Tesla Powerwall is capable of offsetting the 6.4 kilowatt per hour of power costs. The US electrically powered carmaker is not only plugging the battery to solar owners – it is also providing it to houses that have not been equipped with solar panels so that they could be helped to benefit from the prices of electricity in off peak season.


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