IBM Equips Organizations With New Hybrid Cloud Capabilities

28 Jan

IBM Linux, IBM application

IBM expands its Linux ecosytem and offer new hybrid cloud capabilities for organizations to develop, manage and deploy apps easily and securely.

In August 2015, Beta News reported that IBM made an effort to capture the enterprise Linux market share with the release of a number of dedicated mainframes. Today, the New York based giant is making an announcement of an extension to its Linux ecosystem along with newly introduced hybrid cloud capacities to allow organizations to develop, manage, and deploy apps for the cloud more easily with strong security.

The cloud computation organization is optimizing its StrongLoop application development interface technologies and Cloudant NoSQL database into LinuxONE for enabling customers to manage, develop and deploy apps for the cloud easily and quickly.

The new features do not require developers for the improvement of time consumed for the development, deployment, and conversion of languages. In addition, Big Blue is extending its supported application and capacities for LinuxONE. In recent times, it ported Go Programming language made by Google, developed for making reliable, efficient, and simple software.

IBM would start to contribute code to Go community this summer. It is also making efforts with SUSE for collaboration on the technologies in the Open Stack space. SUSE tools would be used for the management of private, hybrid and public clouds being ran on LinuxONE.

Apart from that, IBM has succeeded in proving that its own LinuxONE Emperor system is equipped with the capability of providing support to 1 million Docker containers enabling enterprises to unlock insights from a number of massive data volumes produced by the Internet of Things.

Canonical offers its cloud tool sets and Ubuntu Linux distribution to LinuxONE consumers too. In the coming months, this would enable them to benefit from LXD, a hypervisor made for full system and Docker containers. After adding Ubuntu to current Red Hat and SUSE distributions, businesses now have a third option to acquire the LinxuONE system.

The new LinuxOne Z Systems platform is made as IBM is hoping to build upon the increase in sales by 35% that it has witnessed with these systems. Cloudant is a completely managed NoSQL database that gets data stored in JSON format, which is usually used for mobile data, whereas StrongLoop offers tools to develop APIs using a Java-based environment Node.js.

This offers the capability to developers for natively creating apps for the server side. The new version would include Rockhopper and Emperor Linux systems that were developed for improvement in speed and processing power to benefit users and developers.

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