Google Introduced New Model To Make Game Sign-ups Easier

26 Jan

Google games, Google Android

Google Play has introduced a new model which would prompt game players to sign up once only for playing games

The company stated today it’s making changes to permissions required by players for playing Google Play games by changing the modern for games APIs. The Mountain view based company is addressing a common complain friction from developers regarding the huge number of steps required for handling of transactions and signing up of players.

Apple has led this field as it has succeeded in signing up consumers for over a decade to iTunes accounts. Those users are having their own credit cards and sign-in on file, so they could be immediately begins making in-application purchases in games. The direct history of Google with owners is shorter, and that is the reason behind the higher level of “friction”.

According to the newly introduced model, players would be encouraged for signing up once in each account, instead of once each game. Players will not be required to upgrade their accounts to Google+ in order to use Play Games facilities. After signing up for the first time, players would no longer be required to log in for any games in the future. They would be automatically logged in. (If they want, players could switch off automatic sign-in found in the Play games application settings.)

Current players will be continuing to receive their Google + ID when they log in. New players will receive a new player identity, which isn’t the same as the previous identities given. Most of the games would be seeing no change or interruption in service. But in few cases, developer advocate Wolf Dobson stated, some change needs to be made. The post explains the technical solution to the problem.

Dobson stated, “Let’s be very clear: If you do nothing, unless you are depending explicitly on Google+ features, you will see no change in functionality, and a smoother sign-in experience.”

No deadline has been provided to specifically tell when the changes made would be coming into effect. At least, an update made to the Play services apk. will probably be rolling out to all users. It is quite probable that Play Games application would also be updated.

It has not been clarified that an updated SDK would be necessary, but it does not seem that way. Techno Buffalo has reported that at the moment, Google Play is currently offering up to 50% off in-application purchases for a number of Android games. These Eligible titles include Jurrasic World, SimCity Builtlt, The Sims FreePlay and others- all of these can be downloaded free of charge.

Almost five dozen titles will be offered through the deal, including those developed by big developers such as Square Enix and TinyCo.



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