Tesla Motors Might Tie Up With Luxe To Extend Its Charging Infrastructure

25 Jan

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Tesla Motors might collaborate with Luxe to help its customers charge their vehicles

The on-demand parking valet application Luxe might be partnering with Tesla to extend the service provided by it alongside parking, possibly choosing more highly valued consumers in the procedure. The company looks to be cooperating with the automaker to provide vehicle charging as well as other facilities for Tesla automobiles when motorists do booking of parking through the application.

From what we have understood, this is only the stage. Later, as far as we know, the plan for the automaker is to do pre-installation of Luxe in dashboards of cars, so that owners of the car would have parking and other facilities provided by Luxe( like car washes) as  an  autonomous options to select as part of the longer journey.

The collaboration looks to be in the initial stage at the moment and only provided to owners of Tesla vehicles in New York and San Francisco. An individual should download Luxe application and should inform their destination before they move out or when they are at a distance of 100 miles away from it.

They would then be matched with the valet of Luxe who would be available on arrival to park the vehicle in their secure parking. Users would also be allowed to order charging as a part of this facility along with other options such as a vehicle wash, they could avail drive-home and overnight storage options as well that the parking service provider is  already providing to other vehicle owners. Returns within a time span of 20 minutes and one week advance bookings have also been offered.

The cost of charging $15 for a 1 X EV charge plus the cost of parking to a package of five EV charges for $65 along with cost of parking.  Details regarding subscriptions are available to owners of Tesla vehicles in New York City and San Francisco have been disclosed on the website of Luxe.

In other news, Left lane news has reported that at an event held by the Federal Trade Commission, the general counsel of Tesla, Todd Maron slammed General Motors for being amongst those established automotive organization who are making efforts to safeguard the status quo in an accused effort to avoid rivalry from new comers.

The automaker has claimed that a conventional franchise structure isn’t optimal for the manufacturing strategy of the company. The company has been focusing on custom-configured automobiles, rather than keeping the levels of inventory high, and a dealership would need to deliver the vehicles at higher prices to earn money.

The officials of FTC had earlier made an argument favoring the elimination of bans imposed by states on direct sales, though the regulator has formally kept its stance neutral prior to the gathering of experts.

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