SamsungSamsung Makes Modifications To Note 5 Makes Modifications To Note 5

25 Jan

Note 5, Design Changes, S Pen Stylus Silo Stuck, Note 5 Manual guide instructions

Samsung has changed the design of its Galaxy Note 5, so that your smartphone does not break or the S pen does not get stuck in the phone this time

Samsung Electronics Corporation Ltd. has redesigned its famous smartphone, Galaxy Note 5. This is mainly because the electronics company received complaints from many of its customers that the stylus S pen, when accidently put in backwards ended up getting stuck inside the phone. The changes in the design are no longer going to have this problem and cause the phone to break.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd launched the first Note in 2011, every series since then consisted of a stylus pen with them, serving as a pen for the note instead of the users fingers, however this turned out to become more of a problem than an entertaining feature with time. The tech giant started to notice and receive complain of the note being broken, once the pen was accidently but in backward getting stuck inside the phones silo, which later was recognized as a designing issue.

The Galaxy Note 5 has been redesigned with a grey and white tab that will enable users to eject and inject the S pen comfortably, even when the pen is inserted backwards in the silo. This modification has solved the design flaw that was being reported, these changes can be witnessed in the phone from now on that will be seen in the markets. The flaw turned out to become a major problem, when users forced the pen to get out, the phone ended up breaking. The problem was reported late after the smarphone were purchased because individuals did not notice the problem in the beginning, but after using the phone later in weeks.

The device was later shipped with a warning and even an image informing the buyers of this phone to not insert the S pen backward and instruction on how exactly to insert it to prevent issues. A spokesperson for the manufacturer of the best smartphones around the globe said, “We highly recommend our Galaxy Note 5 users to follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure they do not experience such an unexpected scenario caused by reinserting the S pen in the other way around.”

Users who ended up breaking their Note 5 by insertion of the pen backwards were not reported to get a replacement by the tech giant before the modification and the problem was reported. And it does not seem that the company has any plans to replace the phones of these users. The change in the design that will prevent this problem from occurring again cannot be seen as the change is internal, thus users will not know what smartphone they have purchased the redesigned version or the old one. The company did not make any official announcement of the change, but was waiting for someone to simply notice it on the inside, later it informed of changing the design.


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