Amazon Hires 1200 Workers For Warehouse In Kent

21 Jan

Amazon warehouse, Amazon recruitment

Amazon needs more staff to operate Kent warehouse and offer services.

Amazon started hiring 1200 workers to meet the staffing needs of a recently established warehouse in Kent that is highly relying on advance robots. The facility covering 800,000 square feet is part of the company’s efforts to revamp the building of a warehouse, which is seeking to cut down delivery times across the United States through establishing fulfillment centers located near important markets.

Warehouses cost around $100m each. By establishing these expensive facilities and betting much on logistics ranging from possibly purchasing its own last-mile delivery company in France and leasing aircrafts, Amazon not only seeks to battle with brick and mortar distribution centers but also avoid embarrassing and costly delays during times when demand levels reach the peak, such as in the vacation season.

Workers at Kent would work along an army of robots to ship and pack small orders, such as toys, electronics, and books. The company states these employees would be getting “competitive” hourly wages, stock awards, healthcare and 401k plans.

The Seattle-based company did not reveal when it would exactly start operating the warehouse at Kent, but a spokesperson stated it has planned “to move quickly”. It has five fulfillment centers in Sumner, Seattle, Bellevue, DuPont, and now in Kent. It announced the establishment of the warehouse at Kent at South 212th Street and 59th Place South, two years ago.

It is adjacent to one of the so-called “sortation centers” of the company, where packages are sorted and then delivered to individual post offices in Pacific Northwest, allowing speedy deliveries including those scheduled on Sunday and last minute orders.

Spokeswoman of Amazon said the company has “hundreds” of employees. In other news, the online trading giant has launched the “replenishment” service. A blood glucose monitor, washing machine, and printer are the first three goods that would automatically order more supplies when they are close to running out.

From Tuesday onwards, selected models of Brother printers would track their pattern of consumption and toner usage and then, if the option is selected by the user, automatically ask Amazon to deliver more when required.

Brother has made 45 models that are capable of compatibly working with the new customer-friendly replenishment service, said Brother’s senior vice president for marketing, Don Cummins.

General Electric will launch a washer that would automatically purchase its laundry detergent or notify the person to order it from Amazon. Such services can be seamless and convenient for people.

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