Amazon To Open First Cloud Data Centers In Canada

19 Jan

Amazon To Open First Cloud Data Centers In Canada

Amazon would be opening its first cloud data centers in Canada

Amazon has taken an initiative to expand its business in North American region. The e-commerce giant would be opening its first group of data centers in Canada this year, to help meet demand from businesses that don’t want their date to be stored in the United States, where security officials could easily monitor it.

The data centers are powering Amazon Web Services by offering computing power and storage to other companies. The Internet storage industry of Canada is expanding and companies like Roger Communications and Telus Corporation have succeeded in making better privacy  in accordance to Canadian regulations an important selling point in attracting companies after disclosing 2 years ago that the American National Security Agency has been spying on data networks managed by companies in United States.

Beyond concerns of privacy, the newly data centers would also speed up the processing times for clients of Amazon connecting with consumers in Canada. The data centers’ proximity to consumers plays a major role in cutting down responding time for those using internet cloud application.

The new data centers would be opened in Montreal and drove almost completely by hydroelectric generation, according to the announcement made by the company yesterday.

Amazon currently has four data centers in the United States and another one coming in Ohio. The company has data centers in states like Australia, Brazil, Ireland and Japan and is planning to open new centers in South Korea later this year.

AWS earned $2.09bn in the 3rd quarter, an increase of 78% from last year, though yet only 8.2% of the cumulative sales revenue earned by the online trading giants during that time period.

“The planned Canada-Montreal region will give AWS partners and customers the ability to run their workloads and store their data in Canada,” chief of AWS Jeff Barr posted in a blog.

Growth into Canada must be welcomed by users of AWS in the country, who haven’t had their own area in approximately 10 years since its existence. Softwares can perform in a better manner and delivery of data could be made to users at a faster pace due to the closeness of the region.

The company has extended AWS’ geographic reach frequently in the past. In recent times it made a commitment to open it in areas in the UK, India, Ohio and Korea.

Other providers of cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platform have increased their own data centers’ fleets in their struggle to battle with Amazon, a market leader. The clouds are also competing on features and prices.


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