AT&T Is In Discussion With FCC To Launch 5G

12 Jan

AT&T 5G, AT&T internet

AT&T is considering 5G and has discussed it with the Federal Communications Commission.

AT&T has taken an initiative to facilitate its customers and is considering to launch 5G, even its officials have urged the industry to not get very far ahead of itself before standards have been written.

The representatives of the Texas based organization recently had a meeting with  Federal Communications Commission’s officials to deliberate upon 5G in a proceeding on the employment of bands providing mobile radio facilities at a speed of 24 Gigahertz. The Commission has suggested new regulations for higher band spectrum, which would be playing a larger role in the 5TH Generation than in every previous mobile technology’s generation.

Specifically, the executives of the carrier had a meeting with the staff from a number of organizations. These include Office of Engineering and Technology, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and International Bureau to give a presentation of their architectural concepts as far as 5G networks are concerned, key issues and vision.

Representatives of OET include deputy chief Michael Ha and chief engineer Julus Knapp, The telecommunication service provider’s representatives include federal regulatory’s AVP Stacey Black and federal regulatory’s VP Joan Marsh and others.

The presentation of AT&T deliberates upon the diverging  needs provided support by a multiple radio access  technology (RAT) approach encompassing “extremely high speed mobile broadband and low speed IoT,” along with simultaneous linkages to a number of technologies encompassing adjustable new radio access technology design.

Another listed trend is the inclusion of newly introduced millimeter wave(mmWave) RAT for capacity and speed, predicted by the enterprise to be emerging around 2022 deadline. The concept encompasses self-backhaul for the simplification of short-range cell architecture. Slicing of Network would also offer NFV/ SDN architecture and “varied services to varied devices,” would be a need.

The presentation is also including deliberation upon important 5G concepts affecting RAN architecture, which encompasses self-backhaul or transportation of low latency within a transmission point and transportation of high latency between Transmission point groups.

“5G specs should be designed to be distributed and virtualized,” and “avoid strict timing relationships to allow distributed implementation,” the presentation stated.Study of functional splits should be done  to comprehend what interfaces may be opened in standards bodies like 3GPP, the organization stated.

The 5G’s topic and the view that rivals are moving at a faster pace than the telecom was discussed throughout the presentation during the recently hosted 2016 Global Internet, Media and Telecommunications conference in Las Vegas. Competitor Verizon splashed in a huge manner when it proclaimed it will initate fifth generation tech field trials in the next year.

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