Google Parent Company, Alphabet, Purchased Bebop For $380 Million

07 Jan

Google acquisition, Google cloud

Alphabet made a payment of $380m to purchase startup Bepop and hire its founder as its head of Google’s cloud computing business.

Financial details regarding the acquisition of Bebop by Google’s parent company have been disclosed. On Monday, a regulatory filing has revealed that Alphabet made a payment of $380m to purchase the newly emerging company, Bebop. The purchase was first announced in middle of November, minus the price tag.

The former CEO and co-founder of VMare Diane Greene is the founder of Bebop. Since 2012, she was one of the directors of Google’s board. She said very little officially regarding the startup, although a trademark filed in 2014 suggested that it was making training management, benefits and human resources software. After selling the organization to Alphabet, Diane was hired by the search engine business to head its recently converged cloud application business.

The filing has disclosed the entire $380m in terms of equity and Diane plans to donate $148.62 million of the raised funds “to a donor advised fund.” It appears that this is a representation of her total stake in the startup.

Bebop had not officially revealed anyone of its investors, but Fortune has come to know that they included venture capital organization, Andressen Howaritz.

Greene’s title is now SVP of Google business, which includes cloud-computing operations. The organization has taken the third position in technology market after the Web services of Amazon and Azure of Microsoft.

Some of the analysts have speculated that Diane is capable of helping Google to develop a new Alphabet corporation that would pursue cloud infrastructure. Given the background of Diane, she is technically equipped to establish a business of this sort.

Nevertheless, she faltered at VMware when the core hypervisors of the software corporation “commodified” by open source rivalry and after the Microsoft Corporation was able to start providing its own hypervisors free of charge.

There were rumors of problems in relationship with Chairman of EMC and chief executive officer Joe Tucci. Alphabet has filed that to the US Securities and Exchange commission that “Diane Greene exchanged 7,244,150 shares of Bebop stock for 200,729 shares of Alphabet Class C Capital Stock at $740.39 each in the Merger, plus cash for fractional shares.”

A number of reports have been able to indicate that after the acquisition, the startup has continued to keep working on its “development platform that makes it easy to build and maintain enterprise applications,” as Google CEO Sundar Pichai has posted in his blog regarding the deal.

The new job of Diane at the Californian organization indicates that the enterprise famous for online advertising and web search now has welcomed software expert who knows how to sell to big corporations.



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