Tesla Owners Troubled By Congestion At Tejon Ranch Supercharger Site

30 Dec

Tesla Motors charging, Tesla Motors congestion

Owners of Tesla vehicles faced a congestion problem at the Tejon Ranch Supercharger site, which caused a delay of approximately two hours.

Tesla’s customers have been bothered at one of its charging facilities. Owners of Tesla vehicles travelling during Christmas holidays experienced a ‘bad’ surprise at one well-known Supercharger station in California, encountering delays of up to two hours or more.

Tesla Motors Club forum has posted that owners intending to utilize Tejon Ranch Supercharger facility in Lebec, California, on December 26, were issued a warning that queues of up to 18 Tesla vehicles were waiting to charge at one of the site’s six chargers.

A comment posted by a user on informed that Tesla owners waited for more than two hours in a queue to charge at the site. Tejon Ranch Supercharger facility has been established on United States Interstate 5 at the foot of a highway’s stretch called “The Grapevine.” The steep can even pushing the top range of 270 miles of the company’s cars, such as Model S 90D, to its highest levels in specific conditions due to the 4000 ft. elevation change.

Congestion at the automaker’s Supercharger sites was also experienced previously, but this was the extreme examples witnessed up now. One member of TMC forum assumed that a wildlife that closed down the stretch of highway 101 on December 26, was responsible for the extremely huge number of vehicle drivers reaching the charging site.

Nevertheless, another member of the forum, present at the site that day, said that while conversing with others in the line, only one had said he diverted due to the wildfire. The company knew that such congestion problems could occur at the site, so it issued a notice in August 2015 to some owners, asking them to cut down their “frequent” use of local charging facilities. The notice indicated that the charging facilities were offered to facilitate long distance travel only, and charging must be done at house whenever possible.

Many owners nevertheless misinterpreted the notice, with some stating that they will supercharge as much as they wanted to, since they had paid for the benefit upon purchasing their vehicle.

A new Supercharger facility would be established in Buttonwillow California. It is expected that the new facility would solve the congestion problem faced by users at the Tejon Ranch location to a certain extent, but the construction process for the Buttonwillow site has not been started up till now.

With sales of Signature Series Model X vehicles beginning in December, and the manufacturing of Model 3 worth $35,000 expected to be initiated within the upcoming two years, how Tesla meets the increasing demand is a topic of interest for analysts and experts in the market. Electric vehicles are now in demand due to cut down in emissions and environment-friendly mechanism.


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