Google Plans New Messaging Service Smarter Than WeChat And WhatsApp

23 Dec

Google Plans New Messaging Service Smarter Than WeChat And WhatsApp


Google is working on a technology to develop a smart messaging facility with chatbots.

Google is developing a new mobile messaging facility that is able to tap its artificial intelligence chatbot technology to compete with competitors, such as Facebook, in the rapidly growing arena.

Portio Research limited has revealed that messaging facilities are among the most famous mobile applications, with more than 2 billion users, but two Google messaging services – Hangouts and Message – are far behind WeChat of Tencent Holding (China’s most famous messaging application), and Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp.

Some facilities are making additions of other capacities – WeChat for example, lets users pay bills, book appointments, and shop online. For its new facility, Alphabet’s unit Google has planned to integrate chatbots and application programs that answer questions found inside a messaging application. Company sources revealed that users would be given an opportunity to text chatbots or a friend, which would scour the internet along with other sources for details to give an answer to a question.

It is not clear when the technology giant would introduce the facility, or what would be its name. Sources are not sure whether it would perform in a better manner than the prior efforts of the company. Users typically log into messaging facilities because they are aware of other users, Google has not been able to develop such effects of network with both Messenger and Hangouts.

A Google’s spokesperson refused to comment. An experienced employee of the company, Nick Fox, has led the team to work on the new service for at least 12 months, stated by people aware of the matter. As per reports of the technology news webpage, the Information reported his new job as VP of communication products this year.

In October, Mr. Fox offered to purchase 200 Labs Inc., a small organization that develops chatbots, but the organization declined the offer, as informed by sources. 200 Labs established a rating facility and market for chatbots on Telegram, which is a messaging application that provides many chatbots devoted to subjects like picture search, news, dating, and weather.

200 Labs is working on a technology that will opt for the best chatbot to reply to a request. The company is trying to achieve a similar objective with its messaging facility. Instead of entering a query in Google search engine, users would be sending questions as text messages, which would be answered by chatbots. This service might be convenient for the new generation due to its handy nature.

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