Dell Deals With Its Computer Security Problem

27 Nov

Dell Deals With Its Computer Security Problem

Dell tries to solve some of its computer security problem through various remedies.

Some of the Texas-based company’s personal computers suppliers since August include a bug that provides an opportunity to hackers to snoop on the encrypted Internet traffic of a machine. The fault was discovered by a private security researcher and announced on Sunday, while focusing on the difficulty of practicing encryption schemes to safeguard computer users. According to IDC, in the third quarter, the organization supplied more than 10 million personal computers across the globe.

Dell news exclaimed that the company was trying to help clients to verify the identities of their computers during client-support requests. To carry out this action, the organization carried out the installation of a master key, known as CA or certificate authority, on the computers to authenticate its identification throughout support sessions. A modern hacker could utilize this CA to develop a key that will permit it to spy on encrypted information shared by the equipment.

Dell’s spokesperson, David Frink, stated in an email that the company is creating a security update that should be available later by Monday or Tuesday. He further said that it is posting guidelines on its webpage for transferring the defective certificate known as eDellRoot, though this procedure could be technologically complex.

The fault is like the Superfish software package that Lenovo pre-installed on some computer devices in 2014. Lenovo provided updates to deactivate and ultimately remove the Snapfish application.

In the case of Dell, Open Crypto Audit Project’s director and security researcher, Kenneth White, affirmed that the defective certificate could let hackers install an application that could siphon information from a personal computer. He stated certificate authorities are not necessarily problematic “but they become a problem when a manufacturer like Dell misconfigures them to trust anything on the web with a universal key that works across Dell computers, and root access.”

Dell financial service reported that Mr. White stated defective computers’ owners could protect themselves when browsing the Internet through the utilization of the Firefox browser of Mozilla Corporation, which employs its application to assess the vulnerability of webpages. He developed a webpage that Dell’s customers could visit to see if their computing device is exposed to the eDellRoot exploit.

Dell drivers informed that blogger and computer programmer, Joe Nord, discussed the means and eDell functions in detail in a blog posted earlier Sunday, while stating how simple it is to obtain accessibility to the security key. Other hackers and coders discussed upon the webpages’ security flaw, such as Reddit and Y Combinator’s Hacker News.

Dell is solving the security problem at a time when it is reorganizing its application business into four new business divisions.



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