Amazon Studios Introduces Free Cloud Software For Screenwriters

23 Nov

Amazon Studios Introduces Free Cloud Software For Screenwriters

Amazon launches ‘Storywriter’ for screenwriters on the platform.

Amazon has introduced a writer friendly gadget. In an attempt to extend its genuine video content, including television series and films, the ecommerce company proclaimed this morning the release of a cloud based, free screenwriting application program known as the Amazon Storywriter.

In addition, the Washington-based organization stated that it is carrying out the expansion to include drama submissions, and would no longer exercise a free option on scripts brought to the webpage of Amazon Studios, letting WGA members upload directly to the webpage.

Amazon news exclaimed that the organization used script submissions for primetime comedy series for grown-ups, feature movies and series for children’s aged 2 to 14, but this is the first time that the company would now consider drama series submissions as well.

Amazon Studios introduced five years ago to serve as a method to carry out the crowdsourcing of the procedure employed for discovering new scripts for series and movies. It provides a method for writers to post their content over the internet and publicize their projects in order to obtain bigger community’s feedback.

Nevertheless, its introduction and an associated “script contest” were immediately fraught with controversy and confusion as writers issued a warning regarding the company’s then free one-and-a-half year option on scripts from the time they were posted, along with other issues with authorship and copyright. Amazon Breaking news reported that the submission initiative has changed over a period.

Prior policy of Amazon Studios, until today, said its exclusive right was to purchase a film script for $200,000 or television script for $55,000 from the time it is posted for a time span of one-and-a-half month. According to FAQs, it could then make a payment worth $10,000 to expand that option for one-and-a-half year, which it could carry out for two times.

Amazon news today affirmed that the company has been asked to give an explanation if the conditions mentioned on its website are still correct, provided its news is related to eradication of the option that is free of charge. Previously, it used to take a one-and-half month free option when it received scripts and paid $10,000 if it was interested in extending that period.

Now if the enterprise likes a script on its website, it would not only reach out but also offer a payment option that tends to match or surpass any applicable guild minimum and the author could opt to reject or accept the offer.

Because the submission program was concerned with luring newcomers, new entrants and others who have not grown in the screen-writing field, it makes sense that the organization would finally release its own application to let screenwriters more conveniently write their scripts.

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