Hong Kong Regulators Reject Tesla Motors Autopilot

20 Nov

Hong Kong Regulators Reject Tesla Motors Autopilot

Hong Kong authorities have disapproved Tesla’s autopilot system due to potential dangers.

Hong Kong regulatory bodies are delaying semi-automatic driving systems from coming to the road, requiring Tesla to remove tools that provide an opportunity to its cars to change lanes and steer without driver’s intervention. The country’s Transport Department stated the company’s Autopilot technology downloaded through the means of an internet connected to its powered cars might fail to comply with the laws and require regulatory endorsement before being employed.

It asked the organization to stop launching the system and carry out the restoration of the original application on local automobiles so that the functionalities could not be availed. “Although vehicles may be equipped with advanced driver assistance systems, the roads in Hong Kong are extremely busy, and motorists should stay alert [and] maintain control of the vehicle”, the department stated in its warning to the automaker’s Model S owners.

The officials of local traffic authorities cited concern operators would be distracted in the region’s notorious traffic by the tools that permit users to drive cars without their hands. Tesla news affirmed that the organization wrote letters to affected owners and is now cooperating with the authority to attain required endorsements.

Many automobile manufacturers offer tools pioneered to enable vehicles to perform critical functions previously performed by drivers to improve safety levels. Regulatory bodies worldwide are making efforts to establish regulations that are known for addressing such tools, as they need less driver intervention and increasingly sophisticated system, but these attempts are moving slowly.

The company has acted in the most aggressive manner as far as the launch of these systems is concerned. Its 17-inch touch screen dashboard display, for example, lets users utilize the Internet in an unrestricted manner while driving. Tesla Motors news reported that the online update was launched despite the US regulatory bodies’ recommendations that discouraged such function due to concerns pertaining to driver-distraction.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk called the Autopilot tool, which the officials of the Chinese special administrative region are examining, as a “public beta”. Downloaded by 50,000 vehicle owners in October, the lane-changing and auto-steering tools are being refined by the organization as drivers use them.

Tesla’s technology alerted people in the United States after videos appeared over the internet featuring users driving the Model S without using their hands even after the company advised against this practice.

Mr. Musk stated that Tesla might alter the feature to stop drivers from driving their automobiles through overtly risky means. Whereas it did not faced regulatory issues in the United States, where law regarding these tools has been carried out by individual states. The company did attain regulatory endorsement in Europe after permitting downloads. Japan has rejected the new systems and acknowledged the potential dangers of this feature.


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