Samsung Adds More Self-Manufactured Chips By Launching Exynos 8 Octa

17 Nov

Samsung Adds More Self-Manufactured Chips By Launching Exynos 8 Octa

Samsung launches Exynos Octa 8 chip, which will be present in its upcoming smartphones in 2016.

Samsung announced another Exynos chip, adding to more own manufactured chips and reduce the dependency on Google and Qualcomm chips. The electronics manufacturer built Exynos Octa 8 8890, a square-shaped premium chip.

This new addition to the Exynos family is going to contribute in making innovative best smartphones by the company in the market, which will consist of Samsung’s own software instead of depending on Google. It is rumored to give 30% more in term of performance and 10% more efficient.

The Exynos 8 is already present in Galaxy S6 edge, which is one of very successful smartphone of the company. The chip is built on 14nm FinFET tech and will run on a processor of 64-bit. The vice president of Samsung Electronics, Dr. Kyushik Hong, said, “With our custom designed CPU cores and the industry’s most advanced LTE modem, consumers using mobile devices with the Exynos 8 Octa will experience a new level of mobile computing.”

The chip will also provide customers with a better quality of videos with more convenience. It will grant 3-D virtual reality option and 3-D gaming. The chip pioneer has plans to expand the manufacturing of this product starting within this year, which is a hint that the upcoming mobile phone in 2016 will consist of this chip.

Samsung has plans to sell its manufactured chip to other companies in the business too. This usage of own processing chip will make the company independent and unique from other companies. It will also help it to achieve higher profit shares. Similarly, Apple has made its own chip for its iPhones and now Samsung is doing the same, standing head-to-head with its biggest rival.

Samsung has received profit in its chip-making business before. It has achieved profit in its third quarter through its chip in 2015. Sony is also struggling in the Asian market when it comes to the smartphone business. This is mainly because Apple is dominating the market when it comes to the high-end products. The prevailing competition in the market is fierce for all the players in mobile/gadget industry due to the advancements.

The head of mobile and telecoms at HIS technology, Ian Fogg, said regarding Samsung’s chip, “The performance of this chip will be critical but not in isolation. The important thing will be to see how it performs against Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 and the flagship mediatek chipsets.”

Samsung stock closed at $1,100.00 on November 5.



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