Tesla Motors Adjust Its Autopilot Feature

16 Nov

Tesla Motors Adjust Its Autopilot Feature

Tesla Motors makes adjustments to its Autopilot feature for the safety of its drivers.

Tesla Motors intends to take a driver-friendly measure. Individuals act in an idiotic manner. Now, it comprehends that an individual’s reckless nature is adversely affecting its progress as far as its driverless automobiles are concerned. It is adjusting its “Autopilot” system to make it complicated for drivers to misuse it and trouble themselves, their riders, and counterparts in danger.

Tesla news exclaimed that the automaker launched Autopilot to its Model X SUVs and later Tesla Model S sedans in October, which will allow the automobile to cut down its speed, accelerate, and turn from one lane to another automatically. Quickly, drivers began to upload YouTube video, which demonstrated them to test the scary and dangerous results.

In October, the company’s official, Khobi Brooklyn, stated, “We’ve been very clear with our customers what the intentions of these features are, and we trust our customers and we expect them to be responsible.”

Apparently, the customers failed to meet the expectation of the company. The “clear” communication has failed to stop people from utilizing it on suburban streets, parkways, off-ramps and broadcasting their disturbing experience.

Tesla news today informed that other videos have demonstrated the tool working in a perfect manner, in once safeguarding the vehicle and its users from a potential accident. Even in a brilliant situation, it is not encouraged that drivers should take their hands off the steering wheel to make a video recording. In an earnings conference earlier this month, Mr. Elon Musk addressed the abuse and stated that the organization is forced to take an action to thwart it.

“There’s been some fairly crazy videos on YouTube… this is not good. And we will be putting some additional constraints on when Autopilot can be activated to minimize the possibility of people doing crazy things with it”, Mr. Musk told analysts.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that in a phone call interview to CBS News, an official of Tesla Motors, James Chen, confirmed the organization’s intentions. He stated, “We are looking at additional ways that we can make Autopilot a little bit more user friendly and perhaps a little less capable of being abused. We have had some people do some pretty scary things, and we are looking at ways to improve the system so that we don’t see this type of abuse.”

Tesla had decided to improve its autopilot system at a time when the Boston Business Journal has reported that it would open its stores in Hingham and Boston. It could be assumed that the adjusted tool would not only play a key role in safeguarding drivers from accidents in the future but also threaten its rivals, set high standards/benchmarks for others in similar business, and please the potential customers.


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