France To Become The Next Silicon Valley Thanks To Microsoft Corporation

10 Nov

France To Become The Next Silicon Valley Thanks To Microsoft Corporation

French startup enterprise has been targeted by Microsoft Corporation and it plans on supporting this enterprise’s developments in cloud computing and artificial intelligence

French startup enterprise has been targeted by Microsoft Corporation and it plans on supporting this enterprise’s developments in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. An investment of $89.4 million or 83 million Euros has been made by the chief executive officer of the multinational American corporation, Satya Nadella. This investment is to be distributed amongst the startup enterprises along with schools in the country as well.

As per the agreement, 300 countries are to benefit from this investment and funding in a three year startup support program by the technology company. The aim of the CEO for this investment is to create the next Silicon Valley in France. This announcement came after the CEO of Microsoft; Nadella met with the president of France, Francois Hollande and this is one of the new ventures amongst the seven that the company has been carrying on all over the world. These ventures have been carried out to support micro enterprises in initiate and bring about revolutionary technology.

The CEO, Satya Nadella stated that the tech giant wants to wants to be supportive of these young and new entrepreneurs and become a bridge from them to enter the tech market. This statement was made when the CEO made a visit to Paris. “Microsoft For Start-Up of French Tech” will be receiving 70 million euros worth of investment while the rest of the investment from the initial amount will go to the schools in France. The reason distributed the rest of the amount to school is to support and encourage computer code in classes. They are aiming at making these classes more innovative and further interesting so young people strive in the future and further have a sense of technology from an early stage in life.

Microsoft news revealed that the company has earlier made such investments towards education as well and this is not the first time; earlier last year in November, the tech giant made an investment in a block building game called Minecraft. This game gave its users, mainly the younger generation, the opportunity to be innovative and imaginative; additionally using their imaginative skills to create and building different things with these blocks. This move made it more evident that the company is very serious about tech development and innovation when it comes to education and are not just conducting social corporate responsibility but actually mean what they are doing.

A presentation will be held at the Ministry of Education in which this matter of educational development will be further discussed. The company has been making such investments globally, as mentioned above, but France is currently the only country the company has been working on currently. Startup investments earlier have been made in Germany, The United States, Israel, China and India.

Furthermore, the tech giant has shown added interest in making these investments in India; additionally it has a subsidiary company there as well by the name of Microsoft India Private Limited. This startup investment includes providing wi-fi in remote areas of the country including an amount of $120,000 worth of Azure Credit.

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