Snapchat Video Views Are Gaining Up On Facebook

09 Nov

Snapchat Video Views Are Gaining Up On Facebook

Snapchat’s video views are close to that of Facebook due to its triple growth in traffic.

Snapchat is about to take Facebook’s position as far as the progress in the video sharing industry is concerned. Since May, the number of videos watched on SnapChat daily has grown by 300% to 6 billion views, stated people close to the organization.

This matches with Facebook’s 8 billion views as it announced previous week, which has grown by 200% from 4 billion in April. Its number includes both mobile and desktop views, whereas the video sharing app’s viewers, although lesser in number, is only made up of smartphone users.

Facebook News affirmed that the video messaging app verified the 6 billion audience figure, but refused to share its views regarding it. Videos are rapidly turning into a very popular activity on social network applications, and the battle for views takes place at a time when experts are predicting a rapid growth in digital video advertising. Clips are known as a significant new revenue-earning source, as advertising charges tends to be greater for a video tape in comparison to text or static pictures.

During the previous week’s earnings event, CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated 500 million users view videos daily on Facebook’s platform and applications. He told experts on Wednesday, “Over the next few years, video is going to be some of the most engaging content online”. Previous month, the company initiated the testing process of a newly introduced page designed for its application’s video. Some 1.5 million small enterprises uploaded videos to the website in September.

Facebook aims to defeat Google’s YouTube, which exceeds one billion monthly active views that are able to generate “billions of views” daily. Facebook News today revealed that Snapchat stated it has greater than 100 million regular active viewers.

YouTube prefers to trace usage in hours, whereas the social media company counts videos as watched it is played for three seconds. Whereas, Snapchat is known for charging marketers for videos that are played for fractions of a second, as a large number of transient clips consume a shorter period than on the rest of the networks.

In October, it introduced a new advertising format “sponsored licenses”, letting promoters make an addition of digital “stickers” to audiences’ video messages to advertise their products. Mr. Zuckerberg stated previous week that the types of videos being viewed on digital networks differ largely from the long format content telecasted on TV, requiring producers to produce their output accordingly.

“The more interesting question is not in the near term what we’re going to do to develop ways to consume long-form content, but what traditional media and content producers who have traditionally produced long-form content are going to do to chunk their stuff up better, so that way it can be more easily consumed by this big community online”, Mark stated.



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