Samsung Launching Two Economical Smartphones To Compete With Chinese Manufacturers

05 Nov

Samsung Launching Two Economical Smartphones To Compete With Chinese Manufacturers

Samsung focuses on more economical cellphones while planning to launch two products to compete with Xiaomi and Huawei.

Samsung is focusing on its cheaper series of smartphone in order to give a better competition to the Chinese smartphone, such as Xiaomi and Huawei. The company faced a decline in its last quarter but it has now taken a decision to release two new smartphones to compete with other businesses that offer devices with good specifications for amazingly cheap costs.

The famous Galaxy series maker is launching two cheap products with good specification like other Chinese companies with hopes of reducing the influence of low-end rival in the market. There were reports of the huge shipments of smartphones by the organization in its third quarter in comparison to last year’s third quarter, but it did not disclose the number of smartphones.

Samsung News revealed that the upcoming low-end products, which the organization is planning to launch, are named Galaxy On5 and Galaxy On7. The former will cost $125 while the latter will be priced at $170 with 0.5-inch bigger screen than On5s’ 5 inches. The company expects its sales to increase with the help of these two affordable smartphones, which is likely to happen because phones that cost below $200 occupy a higher number of shipments.

Samsung News Today affirmed that the company has been under pressure to come up with low-end smartphones because of the market value and the aggressive competition in the business. Cost conscious consumers prefer cheaper phones in the market that are packed with good specification. To grab those consumers’ attention, the company is coming up with two cheap phones, according to CNET.

The Galaxy On series will help Samsung to get back in the game of the competitive market because its expensive mobile phone only gave it 40% of the overall sales in its third quarter, while proving that consumers are going for cheaper products now. Its previous series of Galaxy J was economic with good features that boosted the sales, even better than Galaxy S6 and Note even Galaxy A series. The J series in fact helped the electronics company to recover its market shares in India where it experienced problems of share loss.

Samsung is known worldwide for its great smartphones and other electronic products. It is the leader in the business so far but still faces problems with the high-end product sales because of Apples Phones. One report in September stated that it might switch its priorities to boost the profits as well.

Samsung’s stock closed at $1050.00 on October 15.



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