Uber Should Play By The Rules To Grow In Belgium

04 Nov

Uber Should Play By The Rules To Grow In Belgium

Belgian city, Charleroi, welcomes Uber but requires the company to play by the rules.

Uber has a chance to grow in the European Union. Since its arrival in Feb 2014, the transporter has been troubled in Belgium. In the EU member state, its driving partners have not only been recurrently attacked by angry cab drivers but have also faced the hostility of enthusiastic regulatory bodies who have imposed fines worth €10,000 on it and impounded it drivers’ vehicles.

A demonstration by the city’s authorized cabs blocked the city center. In the meantime, Uber’s workers were even followed home by angry cab drivers. In September, a judge gave a ruling that UberPop – an inexpensive ride-sharing service known for letting part-time drivers transport commuters around cities – had to cease its operations. Uber news affirmed that it discontinued the service in October.

The country has proved to be tough market for the company. Ever after being struck in Brussels, it has planned to introduce its services in Charleroi and Wallonia’s picturesque capital, Namur, the once prospering but now troubled industrial region in South of Belgium. It would probably be challenged by the same issues that troubled it in the Belgian capital because well-known cab groups are hesitant to let the smartphone driven cab service enter their market.

Regulatory bodies and politicians have indicated that the company may be greeted there if it complies with the regulations. Head of Wallonia’s local government, Mayor Paul Magnette, stated, “In Charleroi, the problem emerged well before Uber because of the airport”.

Uber news today exclaimed that the Southern Belgian city is home of an airport known as “Brussels South Charleroi” which is known for underplaying the 60 minutes long travelling time between the EU center and the runway. Although inexpensive flights from airlines, such as Ryanair, enter the airbase daily, transportation links responsible for connecting Brussels with the airport are not up to the mark.

Accordingly, high fares to Brussels are essential and at €60 per ride, profitable portion of the ride-hailing business in Charleroi, which the company would be interested in undertaking. However, it would not be the only one to challenge the city’s established cabs. Other organizations have already made efforts to act in a similar manner, stated Magnette.

Uber technologies informed that the mayor stated, “We had a kind of free Uber situation years ago: a black economy of people inventing Uber before Uber, offering those services before Uber, and so on. This has been apparent for quite a number of years.”

It could be assumed that it would succeed in growing in Belgium.


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