Tesla CEO Rethinks About Building Satellites

30 Oct

Tesla CEO Rethinks About Building Satellites

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) reconsiders the development of satellites in Redmond.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk is about to take an initiative to appease internet users. Space Exploration Technologies Corporation is reconsidering its proposal to develop a cloud of satellites in Redmond. An official of Space X, Gwynne Shotwell, recently addressed the Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia convention in Hong Kong, while stating that the organization continues to assess whether it would disburse a huge amount in an effort to develop a group of low orbit satellites to sustain an international internet system.

Space News reported that Gwynne stated the venture remained “very speculative”, and that SpaceX currently does not “have a lot of effort” toward the development of the network.

Tesla news exclaimed that Shotwell stated, “Certainly I think that from a technical perspective this could get done. But, can we develop the technology and roll it out with a lower-cost methodology so that we can beat the prices of existing providers like Comcast and Time Warner and other people? It’s not clear that the business case will work.”

Tesla news today affirmed that this tone tends to differ from the one taken by the South African born entrepreneur when he proclaimed his plans in a high profile and remarkable event organized in Seattle in January. At that time, he looked quite interested in developing a 4000-satellite system, and pledged to establish a facility in Redmond.

Tesla Motors news disclosed that in his January speech’s video released on Youtube, Mr. Musk pledged that the new facility would be more powerful and quicker than the currently offered internet. He stated the speed of light is 50% faster through space than through the means of fiber optics.

He stated, “The focus is going to be on creating a global communicators system. In the long term, it would be like rebuilding the internet in space.” In June, SpaceX‘s Redmond office was established, but the enterprise has disseminated little details since then. The organization did not answer questions regarding this news.

The city of Redmond stated the bureau would be primarily employing 41 workers, but it has been speculated that the office could finally recruit up to 1000 employees.

Since its inception, the space company has suffered from setbacks, especially when its Falcon 9 rocket exploded in June, and Gwynne mentioned getting that right is the major priority.

SpaceX’s internet related plans have followed Facebook’s initiative that has been taken to offer the network service to a large number of people. It could be assumed that its user-friendly plans would play an essential role in improving its image in the high-tech world.

Internet facility would connect the people and grant opportunities to the masses. The space research company learned from the past major event, which influences it to consider other variables as well.


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