Tesla CEO Elon Musk Transportation Idea Will Turn Into Reality Soon

29 Oct

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Transportation Idea Will Turn Into Reality Soon

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Transportation Technologies would soon build a test track for it’s bullet train.

Elon Musk’s company, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), would soon establish a new commutation system. It has announced that it would initiate the construction process of a test track worth $6,000,000,000 for its bullet train in the coming weeks. The newly introduced system comprises of automatic capsules that are pulled by potent magnetic devices and vacuums through the utilization of a raised tube.

At an event known as “Transport to the Future” on Wednesday evening in the British capital London, Hyperloop’s COO, Bibop Gabriele Gresta, announced that the company would establish a full size model of the network that would cover a 5-miles long area in Quay Valley, California.

Bibop states that the organization anticipates it would be completed in a time span of two years and eight months and its passengers would be commuted at the highest speed of 760 mph. Tesla news confirmed that the South African born entrepreneur first introduced the concept for the new system around two years ago. Driven by renewable power sources, the train would produce a surplus solar, kinetic and wind energy.

Tesla news today revealed that the HTT expects to sell the additional power in order to offer the service in profitable manner. Bibop informed Dezeen Magazine, “It will consume less electricity than we produce. We can resell electricity. In this model it will allow us to recoup the entire investment in six to eight years depending on where you build it.”

After the first portion of the track is built, vacant capsules would be examined at the highest speeds and moved around the elevated tube. He also stated, “You can substitute the entire flight industry from Los Angeles to San Francisco with one tube, four times. Now if this will not disrupt the air industry I don’t know what will.”

Media sources have informed that the organization finally intends to operate the network from L.A to SFBA. Tesla Motors news affirmed that if the venture is successful enough to pass the testing stage, HTT expects to develop devoted pods that would be utilized to move time-sensitive material, such as organs required for transplants. It would be equipped with the capacity to transport 3400 commuters per hour across L.A. to the S.F.B.A.

HTT aims to extend the transportation system globally. Mr. Bibop stated that the company was planning a track from London to the Scottish city, Glasgow, which would require a minimum investment of $6,000,000,000 to $8,000,000,000.

It could be assumed that the modern organization’s passenger-friendly plans would not only revolutionize the transportation sector but also play an essential role in improving its image in the high-tech world. Many other companies are observing Mr. Musk’s moves. However, the new system would definitely benefit the masses in future.

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