Dell Selects Next Biometrics Group As Sensor Supplier

28 Oct

Dell would source fingerprint sensors from Next Biometrics.

Dell would source fingerprint sensors from Next Biometrics.

Dell has opted for a supplier, Next Biometrics Group, which would be delivering at least 1.2 million fingerprint sensors to the company next year for the range of tablet computers and notebook, the company stated on Tuesday. The supplier said last week that it was about to proclaim a “tier 1” client.

Dell news exclaimed that during a venture capitalist presentation, CEO Tore Etholm-Idsoe stated, “We expect the number will increase further and minimum 1.2 million sensors in 2016.” Idsoe informed Reuters that for each sensor, the company would be charging a price lower than $5.

“In general, prices vary from below $5 to up to $10 depending on the order”, the CEO stated. Dell latest news revealed that Next Biometrics Group is participating in 200 ventures being carried out to conventionally utilize fingerprint sensors on notebooks, tablets and doors, and anticipates more agreements to follow. The price charged by the organization for each sensor was an important factor in the agreement, the tech giant stated.

Mr. Idsoe further stated, “The short answer why Dell picked us is the size and the price. We are today the only supplier to deliver to mass markets at an acceptable price level… If we compare apples to apples then we are 70% cheaper than our competitors.”

Next Biometrics is known for employing its own thermal equipment for sensors, whereas rivals, such as the Sweden’s Fingerprint Cards, are making use of silicon wafers. The next phase of fingerprint sensors is anticipated to be what the Northern European organization refers to as “next enable”, which should provide sensors to smart cards and small gadgets.

Mr. Idsoe has refused to provide a timeline regarding a possible development in the market segment. The price of ‘Next Biometrics’ stock increased by 1.9% on the Oslo Bourse, whereas the share’s price has increased by 234% year-to-date. The computer manufacturer has opted for the biometric specialists at a time when the Singapore-based first liberal arts college, Yale-NUS College, has established a hybrid cloud on Red Hat and Dell Solutions.

With the utilization of Dell’s technology, the newly pioneered cloud would provide access to administrators, students, and researchers to automatic, self-service procedures for server requests, and enable efficient deployment.

The Singaporean educational institution was jointly established by National University of Singapore and Yale University to introduce a new concept for LA colleges in Asia. It could be assumed that Dell’s decision would play an essential role in helping it to grow in the competitive market.


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