IBM Watson Cognitive Computing Enters Sports Sector

26 Oct

IBM Watson Cognitive Computing Enters Sports Sector

IBM Corporation’s cognitive computing, Watson, has entered the sports sector.

IBM Corporation has taken a measure to please sportsman. It made its cognitive computing tool enter the field of sports with three collaborations under cognitive software supported by Watson, which would not only prevent concussions but also amend the training’s nature in golf and revolutionize the game-day involvements. The collaborations with 113 industries, Space5, and Triax Technologies would employ the cognitive computing power.

IBM news affirmed that an official of the New York based company stated, “Cognitive is a new form of computing that represents a seismic shift in technology, “We’ve moved beyond systems that are programmed — the technologies most of us use today — to systems that understand, reason and learn. These latest partnerships exemplify the entrepreneurial nature of our Watson ecosystem.”

IBM news today revealed that Triax Technologies is known for manufacturing and developing devices to ensure the security and health of athletes. It has pioneered a new Trianx Smart Impact Monitor (SIM), which is basically a wearable sensor that could be entrenched in skullcaps or headbands to keep a track of the power and regularity of head impacts. The company states that SIM equips parents, trainers and athletic instructions with the apparatuses to enhance player security and refine practice in real-time.

Utilizing Watson language facility, the product could feature in more varied information sources to study emotion and deduce social and cognitive aspects. Watson’s in-depth learning, vision abilities, and natural language are supporting Watson Golf Pro from Space 5. The cognitive software is a private caddy that amateur sportsmen could consult while staying on the course or at the driving range.

It’s been loaded with a quantity of information from golf specialists on the drills and mechanics. By “seeing” a golf player’s swing, the application could provide feedback for enhancing the move. 113 industries is introducing Watson to hockey as well. It is partnering with the Pittsburgh Penguins to transmute the fan game day experience with 113 businesses.

“Pi” service is embedded with cognitive abilities and Watson natural language. This lets Penguins evaluate huge pools of fan-based information to establish dedicated offers and facilities for fans at the CONSOL Energy Center. This encompasses post-game and pre-game entertainment and concessions to merchandise.

For IBM, sports would be complementing various sectors, including retail, legal, education, financial services, healthcare, and others. IBM Breaking news reported that sports are known for earning almost $700,000,000,000 globally, as revealed by A.T. Kerney.

It could be claimed that the technology’s entrance in the sports industry would threaten its rivals.


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