Tesla Highway Cruise Update Send To Recent Model S Owners

17 Oct

Tesla Highway Cruise Update Send To Recent Model S Owners

Tesla Motors has launched highway cruise that has already created much hype in the market.

Tesla Motors has introduced a new feature. Although it has been expected for a number of months, it announced the launch of its highway cruise feature for Model S vehicles offered in 2014. The newly introduced tool does not differ from the “highway cruise” other automobile manufacturers have demonstrated – fundamentally, an integration of adaptive cruise control and lanekeeping, both of those have been around in the market for a time.

The automobile supposedly asserts that its drivers should hold onto the steering wheel, though some have reported that hands could be taken off. The provision of ‘lane changing’ is of special importance, which could let users flick the turn signal.

Tesla news reported that users need to check behind them frequently as they make efforts to do this at a time when the next lane is moving rapidly and someone is trying to reach them quickly while not knowing this issue could prove to be problematic for them. The automobile would not change the lane if its blind spot detector finds out a neighboring car, but it would not be able to stop users from cutting off someone who does not exist in that area and reaches them.

Tesla news today disclosed that the launch of such problems would examine an assumption made in the previous times that such devices might not prove to be as amazing as predicted. In the worse scenario, some operators might be threatened to let the vehicle take the control, as they are aware of the fact that with the passage of time, they would be required to hold the steering.

Tesla Motors news revealed that majority of people have informed that even though they need to oversee, the driver-friendly update could make the journey more comfortable, just as done by the basic cruise control. This allows people to merely supervise so that the other parts of their brain could relax. With cruise control, one portion of the user’s brain is able to logically work on steering, and calm down the part that is concerned about the speed.

Another concern is that users might trust the feature too much. Most users are those who already involved in other activities, such as playing or messaging with phones, when they are on manual drive, so it has been given that this would endure in automobiles with highway cruise. It would be safer for users to take their eyes from the street for long than with a manual vehicle in the future.

It could be claimed that the latest update would increase the demand of the Model S vehicle. This new feature has created hype in the market and people are ambitious to experience it first-hand. This also bothers competitors.

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