Samsung Wins Nvidia Infringement Lawsuit

15 Oct

Samsung Wins Nvidia Infringement Lawsuit

Judge Thomas Pender went in favor of Samsung in a lawsuit filed in September 2014 by Nvidia over usage of its graphic chips that has finally come to an end.

Samsung Electronics has been fighting a lawsuit battle with Nvidia for the almost two years now. However, the court just announced to be in favor of Samsung on Friday. The allegations were placed for using the inventions of graphics chip technology without any knowledge. Nvidia released its graphics-processing chip in 1999, and filed a case on Samsung and Qualcomm on the September 2014.

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) supported the electronic manufacturer over the allegation made by Nvidia for the use of its chips without any consent. Judge Thomas Render concluded that the South Korean company did not violate or infringe Nvidia chips but it did from another unnamed third party, which was invalid as it was not a new invention and that the technology was already known. The conclusions of the ruling are not yet finalized but the ITC will consider the hearing.

Robert Sherbin, a spokesman of Nvidia, said that the company is confident about the accusations, but the accused multinational producer and distributor did not make any comment. Samsung news reported that ITC does hold the rights of stopping all imports of a company if they are on the wrong side of the business. The commission would have done so if the case went against the electronics company by stopping the imports of their TVs and best Smartphones.

The corporate giant could have faced a complete ban on all shipments including some of the Samsung Galaxy series products, such as Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5, etc. The company does use Qualcomm’s chips and processors on most of their expensive products, such as the Snapdragon 805 chip.

Nvidia has filed a case against its major competitors in mobile phone graphics. According to CNET, besides the smartphones, Samsung tablet PCs were listed in the case as well; Nvidia specializes in making chips for PCs.

Samsung news today stated that the electronics manufacturer is a bit used to lawsuits. The on and off battle with Apple is not a shock to the consumers. Thankfully, the companies made peace with each other a year ago even though the lawsuits have never really stopped. When there is so much competition in the market and one is a multinational manufacturer, producer, or distributor of products, lawsuits and controversies automatically follow.

It is without doubt that the famous South Korean based company was and always has been prepared for the worst. The production of innovative electronics never stops so the consumers do not take the lawsuits or rumors into accounts, because in the end, the company meets the expectations of its customer, which should be a top priority of every electronic organization.


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