Alibaba Opens Offices In Europe To Expand Business

15 Oct

Alibaba Introduces Tmall Vineyard Direct Program A Wine Selling Initiative

Alibaba establish offices in Germany, France, and Italy, to lure merchants to its network.

Alibaba Group is about to expand itself in the global market. The Hangzhou-based company would establish offices across the European region in an attempt to lure merchants to its network, since it hired Michael Evans as president. The ecommerce giant would be opening so-called “embassies” in Germany, Italy, and France with an objective to position the firm as the “gateway to China” for European vendors.

“In the past, it was really only multinationals that could afford to sell their products internationally. But in the last 10 years, much has changed”, Mr. Evans stated, elaborating upon the plan as enabling “the world to sell to China and to help China sell to the world”. Alibaba News disclosed that Mr. Evans pointed to estimations that the Chinese middle class would grow from 300,000,000 to 500,000,000 in the upcoming decade. “This middle class consumer wants authentic, high-quality international products,” he stated.

Organizations ranging from luxury businesses, such as Burberry, Spanish clothing and accessories store, have established stores on the online trading enterprise’s eBay-like network, Tmall, which aims to lure branded vendors. Alibaba News today reported that nevertheless, the company’s image for failing to battle with counterfeit and bogus goods has played a role in keeping some merchants away. Its chairman, Jack Ma, confessed in a dialogue on Tuesday that the issue of counterfeits “leaves visible wounds on Alibaba.”

“I don’t believe success can be built on dishonesty”, he spoke to Chinese official press agency Xinhua, rejecting some opinions that the company benefitted from fakes, which increase sales and take occasional totals for the company.

Alibaba Breaking News affirmed Chinese giant’s CEO Daniel Zhang statement that it would be promoting the sale of goods from other states to Chinese customers as part of its Single Day sales fiesta on November 11. The said day is identified as singles day for its “double eleven” date, and promoted as the “anti-Valentine’s day” where clients purchase something for themselves rather than for a collaborator.

Singles Day is the People Republic of China’s biggest online purchasing day. In 2014, the company succeeded in setting a record as its trading platforms secured $9,300,000,000 in sales.

In 2015, Alibaba has been adversely affected by the most populated country’s staggering economy, which has decreased sales to their bottommost growth rates in over 3 years last quarter. The company’s decision to establish its offices in the European Union has been taken at a time when its cloud division, AliCloud, has established its first datacenter in the U.S.

It is quite likely that Alibaba’s initiative to open another U.S. datacenter would threaten the interests of its rivals. The scalability of business is an essential feature in growth and expansion of any organization. The same is a priority for Alibaba.

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