Qualcomm Launches 24-core ARM Chip To Enter Server CPU Market

13 Oct

Qualcomm Launches 24-core ARM Chip To Enter Server CPU Market

Qualcomm launches a new purpose-built system-on-chip (SoC) to provide an alternative to x86 in cloud data centers.

The American chipmaker, Qualcomm, has launched a new product, a pre-manufacturing chip in San Francisco on Thursday. This purpose-built system-on-chip differs from its Snapdragon processing device that combines storage, PCIe, and other tools.

Qualcomm News affirmed that an employee, Anand Chandrasekhar, stated that the initial edition is equipped with 24 cores; however, the ultimate portion would be having much more power. The enterprise is offering the part to big clients now for experimenting, he stated though he refused to name them. He did not clarified that when it would be launched in the market. The company would provide news regarding this in the coming 12 months, Anand stated.

Qualcomm news today exclaimed that still, it has been making efforts to develop the part for two years and exposed it on Thursday, operating an edition of Linux, along with a KVM hypervisor, running high definition video to a personal computer. The chip was operating the LAM stack—PHP, MySQL, the Apache Web server, Linux and OpenStack cloud application.

The CEO of Xilinx, Moshe Gavrielov, stated, “We believe this will enable the market, which today is fully controlled by one player, to have diversification, and improved performance”, while mentioning Intel.

Qualcomm Breaking News reported that the Steven headed enterprise becomes a part of the huge list of enterprises operating at the same speed. Broadcom, Marvell, AMD, Applied Micro, and AMD are currently offering their ARM processors in the market.

The chip manufacturer has proved to be strong contestant, thanks to its big smartphone company, and it seems willing to make a huge investment. President of Qualcomm, Derek Aberle has stated, “We realize this is a long-term investment that will take multiple years”.

An official at Moor Insights & Strategy, Patrick Moorhead, has stated that the ARM chips have recently became a part of servers, and one could not state that Qualcomm could be left behind. A few big organizations have been utilizing ARM servers, such as Baidu and PayPal, but the market is yet in the experimental stage.

A big challenge is that the software stack is required to grow, he stated. An official at Insight64, Nathan Brookwood, tends to differentiate between two types of hyper-scale clients. Companies, such as Google and Facebook, pioneer their own servers and develop their own application. Similarly, for those companies, shifting to a new structure is more practical if they have enough benefits, he stated.

The newly introduced device would help Qualcomm to dominate the competitive market.


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