Microsoft Stock To Witness A Fall In Near Future

13 Oct

Microsoft Stock To Witness A Fall In Near Future

The software giant is expected to see some lower lows in the near future, given some sluggish sales in the third quarter of the year

Microsoft Corporation managed to gain by a massive difference before the start of the current financial 12 month period and has so far maintained its position, by going down by only 3 percent in the year so far. This is being taken by the analysts as an accomplishment by the software giant but for the ones who are looking at the future perspective of the stock, it is to be believed that a little upgrade here and there does not guarantee future strength and this might just be what keeps the investors in the company confused about what to expect from it.

Microsoft stock has also been showing a lot of signs where it seems to be growing to its maximum capacity, but analysts know that once it reaches the top, the next level will be of hitting a lower end, which is why a dip in the share value can be expected in the near future. On the other hand, the equity firms which have been keeping a close eye on the stock movements being made by the software company have repeatedly informed the investors that by keeping a track on the lower high values seen on the stock, it can be judged that in the upcoming few months, the same movements can take the share price a little more downwards, by hitting off even lower highs than before.

This trend being followed for some time by Microsoft business has made the analysts a little over to the bearish side, but are still of the opinion that the new developments and new technology that the tech company seems to be working on could turn out to be the armor that pulls in back from the deep waters it was previously seen in, in the stock market.

The software giant is also preparing itself to report its third quarter earnings for the present year on October 22, and the expected earnings per share that the firm is expected to make might come around $0.58. Previously, the same tech giant managed to get an EPS of $0.60, which relatively shows how this quarter has not been that great for the giant. As for the analysts firms covering its stock, around nineteen have provided it with a rating of a ‘buy’ while five equity firms believe that the company deserves a ‘sell’ rating, supported by the lower lows it has been facing in the market for some time. The short interest ratio, however, has been recorded at 1.99.

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