Samsung Is Going To Next Level With Its S7 Edge Model

12 Oct

Samsung Is Going To Next Level With Its S7 Edge Model

Samsung will be moving away from its trademark Galaxy design and will surprise users with an outstanding phone.

Samsung Electronics is now all set to keep up with its performance. In the previous years, it majorly collapsed and started to post disappointing results in the market. Furthermore, its latest flagship product of that time, Samsung Galaxy S5, failed miserably in the market and the loyal customers were disappointed with what they have bought. However, the company was determined to make a good comeback and it certainly did when the smart phone manufacturer launched the Galaxy S6 models.

The South Korean smart phone-manufacturing giant launched Samsungs Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to compete with the market leader’s Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. With time, it managed to get amazing numbers of preorders and regular orders of the new launched phones. Now it is all set to go one level ahead with its new rumored Galaxy S7 Edge. According to sources, the tech analysts and experts are already waiting for this Samsung flagship product to launch. Apple is already done with launching its new iPhones but Samsung waited to give a proper reply to its rival where it can again retain its lost market status.

Samsung breaking news mentioned that the Galaxy S7 Edge is well ahead of the development process and the South Korean company may launch it two month earlier than usual. So far, Samsung has not revealed any image that could show how it looks. However, it is believed that this one will be a flat panel model and obviously an edge display. Furthermore, SCAVidsHD just created a two-concept video that has given the users an idea of what the S7 Edge would look like.

It is known that SCAVidsHD had always kept the concepts conservative. It is for sure that Samsung will be move away from the current design of its Galaxy models. From Galaxy S1 till Galaxy S6 Edge, the main body and design is almost same except for the edged display. Hence, the users are quite content with this Samsung news.

Moreover, Samsung might install two front facing speakers and a USB C Port. The camera of the phone is rumored to be a 21 megapixel along with a 2K screen display and a magnificent 4 GB RAM to keep the processing speed fast.

Please note that so far the smart phone manufacturer has not revealed any shape, design, or video of its new flagship product. However, it is rumored to be released in the near future.


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