Facebook Refines News Feed For Slow Connections

08 Oct

Facebook Refines News Feed For Slow Connections

Facebook is making efforts to facilitate the residents of developing countries.

Facebook is taking a measure to address the concerns of the developing country’s residents. The company has taken a number of steps to expand across the globe. These include the development of internet service providing drones and the provision of a smartphone software that is known for granting access to users for online services, including Facebook, free of charge.

The social media organization has continued its efforts to deliver the internet service, as it is trying to modernize its mobile application for utilization in the least developed world as posted in blog today.

Facebook News affirmed that this is a continued effort made in part by the relatively new team inside the company, known as Facebook Accessibility Team, which also plays its role in letting disabled people utilize the social platform. Lately, it took actions to alter the News Feed – the crucial means of employing the social platform on mobile phones — for utilization on social connections.

An official of the company, Tom Alison, stated, “We basically formed an engineering team whose job it is to, essentially, make the News Feed and the Facebook experience better on 2G connections”. Alison says that this group has been regularly visiting India, one of the regions where second generation wireless connections are quite predominant. It includes engineering experts along with user experience researchers and product managers.

Facebook News today revealed that the social media company has significantly overhauled Newsfeed for utilization on 2G as a result. For those utilizing slower connections, the enterprise now cuts down the number of videos showed in the Newsfeed, sharing much more news articles, URLs, and status updates. It would also load features, stories, and updates in background while users read other content, so they are not required to wait for long to load when they browse over the platform.

Facebook Breaking News reported that all of this is managed by a feature, known as Network Connection Class, which the company has made to measure the speed of a user’s connection at any specific time. It is open source, so that others could reorganize their facilities in the same manner. These alterations to News Feed might seem trivial. However, in locations where infrastructure still lacks, they are quite needed.

The new feature is not only beneficial for Facebook and users, but compels other social media companies to follow as well. It would enhance the reputation of the company and increase its market share.

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