Tesla’s Model X Fails To Impress Bioweapons Experts

02 Oct

Tesla's Model X Fails To Impress Bioweapons Experts

Tesla’s air filter has not pleased the Bioweapons experts.

The latest product of Tesla Motors has failed to appease Biological experts. The air conditioning equipment installed in the newly launched Model X has three units: flowing air from exterior the vehicle, reflowing air that could be found in inner part of the cabin, and a “bioweapon defense code” activated by a dashboard’s switch, which is known for generating pressure inside the cabin to ensure that external elements are kept at bay.

Tesla News affirmed that director of the Institute for Homeland Security, Randall Larsen, stated that he has been willing to purchase a Tesla’s vehicle for so long. To be classified as a tangible HEPA filter, an air filter needs to get rid of 99.7% of 0.3-micrometer elements from the air. A 0.3-micrometer HEPA is fine enough to ensure that a bacterium like anthrax is caught, which tends to range from 1 to 1.2 micrometers across. It would also be able to halt the plague and other bacteria, along with majority of pollen and fungal spores.

Tesla news today reported that HEPA filters have been launched in 0.2 micrometer size, but that is quite difficult to ensure that a filter catches much smaller elements, because that could make it hard to let the air flow through the device. Randall also said, “Now, if you’re worried about bacterial agents like anthrax or plague, a good filtering system would probably protect you”. Microorganisms are much smaller than bacteria, which indicate they could not be filtered in a simple manner.

An official from Pacific Southwest Regional Center for Biodefense and Emerging Diseases at the University of California stated, “Well, 0.3 micrometer won’t hold back viruses. It will hold back most bacteria, but it will not hold back viruses. So, if you believe that all bioterrorist agents are bacteria, then you’ll get an increment of protection”.

For example, smallpox has a width between 200 and 300 nanometers, which tends to inform that it could be found on the corner of a standard HEPA filtration device. Suppose a person would be driving through a fog of aerosolized particles for some reason, it is probable that some of it might still succeed in getting through the filter.

The width of the influenza A virus is 80 to 120 nanometers, so it could get out of a 0.2 micrometer HEPA filter without any difficulty. Mr. Musk launched Model X by claiming that its HVAC device was 800 times better when it came to the removal of organisms as compared to other vehicles, and that has proved to be true. A huge number of viruses are huge enough to clasp through a HEPA filter but not minor enough to pass over a common cabin air filter, so the device does work.

Tesla Motors news exclaimed that the main problem being faced by the automotive product is that a large number of worms could be found, which the system has failed to stop, encompassing some with bioweapons capacity. The Experts have raised the issue at a time when the automaker intends to sell 500,000 vehicles per annum by 2020.

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