Uber Faces Strong Criticism Amidst Strikes And Demonstrations

22 Sep

Uber Faces Strong Criticism Amidst Strikes And Demonstrations

Protests are being held against the American app-based Uber’s policy.

Driving partners are troubling the American app-based taxi service, Uber. Uber news affirmed that after conversing with the company’s executives in Dallas for 2 hours about new plans, which have been opposed by many SUVs’ drivers, one of the many protestors came out of the company’s downtown Dallas office and stated that the ride-sharing platform operating company’s representatives would consider their issues.

Kirubel Kebede addressed a crowd of about 70 protestors whose numbers crossed 200 previously in the day. Uber technologies revealed that its executives would inform the cab operators by 5 p.m. today whether they would review the decision to require UberBlack to avail rides from the much affordable Uber X network’s users.

Majority of the demonstrators who came today on the West End remained uncertain that the firm would address their issues. They stated that they have planned to stay on the sidewalk outside the company’s Dallas office until it reviews the recently introduced strategy. Yessuf Shebeshe stated, “They can individually let us go, but with a group like us, they are losing money. They can’t lose us.”

The San Francisco based company’s drivers are demonstrating against what they perceived as unjust conduct. In front of its West End offices on Market Street, drivers have held  signs that state, among others , “ Stop exploiting drivers,” “ Stop cheating your drivers,” “Where is my tip” and “ We didn’t sign up for this”.

Uber news today reported that the operators of UberBlack are doomed because they procured costly black SUVs just before the organization pooled the market with the UberX, which is much cheaper than the limousine-like Black service. The company is also cutting down the fare of UberX rides to battle with Lyft.

The operators of UberBlack have also stated that they are being compelled to offer rides to UberX passengers. Industrial analysts believe that the recently launched protests would not only damage the company’s reputation but also play a significant role in cutting down its market share, sales revenue, and profits. It is probable that the transporter’s rivals would welcome the protests, as it would help them replace Uber.

Officials at Uber should see that the transporter’s concerns are addressed to retain its position in the highly competitive market. Any sort of delay by the management would injure its credibility due to prolonged strikes and demonstrations. However, the company assured drivers about the resolution of their issues but this is not the first time it has faced such circumstances.


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