Microsoft To Work On A Surface Phone

21 Sep

Microsoft To Work On A Surface Phone

The firm is expected to launch a Surface Phone at the October 6 event going to take place next month

Analysts in the tech industry have come around to be a little bearish about Microsoft Corporation considering how its rivals like Apple and Google have been performing in the industry lately. It is their opinion that in order bring about a change in the sales and popularity of the firm, it is needed that the giant goes through some much needed changes in the strategies being followed by the management so that it comes to the level of carrying out business like the other firms in the industry.

It is not a hidden fact that the rivals of the software giant have been enjoying a dominant position in the smart phone market for quite some time and this has helped the revenue generated by both the firms on a massive level. In order to compete with the growing sales pressure, analysts have suggested the tech giant to look for new options to try so that it can compete with the rivals in an effective manner.

Analysts at Bidness ETC believe that the event on October 6 that Microsoft business has scheduled to take place is most probably going to be about a smart phone that the firm wishes to introduce in the market, and it could even be that it is actually a Surface Phone that ends up being released after all. The software company has so far not shown any success in the smart phone industry as rivals like Apple and Google have been leading the space by a huge margin, leaving no space for the tech firm to enter properly.

Even though Microsoft tried to make a mark in the industry by introducing the multiple Nokia phones in the form of the Lumia series, that turned out to be not half as bad as the firm’s previous experiences, but also did not give the required results as it was meant to do, according to Microsoft news. The firm also shows that it has the correct space to introduce more smart phones in the industry, that too which are supported by Windows and not Android, as reported according to latest Microsoft updates.

Analysts are thinking about how the firm can actually end up using the Surface series to make a phone that turns out to be the start of a new legacy. Since the software giant has always received a very positive response for all of its Surface products so far released in the market, the idea of a Surface does not sound strange to the analysts and it is also expected that a phone will be launched by the giant which ends up competing with Apple’s and Samsung’s phones.

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