Microsoft Gets Upgraded By Analysts

21 Sep

Microsoft Gets Upgraded By Analysts

The software business has been upgraded by an equity firm that believes the sales of PCs is in line with the expectations of analysts

Microsoft Corporation has been upgraded by the analysts at Pacific Crest Securities, an equity firm which was recently seen to run coverage on the stock of the software firm in a research note. The software business giant has been granted an ‘overweight’ rating by the analysts of the firm along with an increased and much positive price target of $55, according to Microsoft stocks updates.

The equity analysts have reported that the positive outlook on the stock is due to the high expectations that they have from the new Windows 10, which is predicted to reach new heights once it gets fully launched in the market. The analysis has not only been made for the current time period, but analysts are also of the opinion that this positivity on the stock is going to continue for the next two to four financial quarters as well, if things go according to plans made by the tech company.

Even though sales of personal computers declined for the past few quarters and failed to meet expectations of analysts for a very long time, this time things seemed to be a little different as the equity firm’s analysts have mentioned in their report how the sales expectations being made by Microsoft business are now being comfortably met. These expectations have been set by the Street’s analysts and the release of Windows 10 is another factor which is being looked at quite empathically, as it is bringing back the lost attention to the firm’s business coming from the users.

Reportedly, there are quite a number of retailers who are seen making sales of personal computers with Windows 8 installed on it instead of the latest one. However, there are also many retailers who are considering updating the stock of PCs with the Windows 10 in order to make the computers more valuable. A survey that was made to see the reason for the increasing sales showed that even though the sales of PCs has increased by a huge number, it is not because of the new Windows that this is taking place. The main reason for the rise in the higher demand for PCs is more because of the back-to-school season that is currently going on.

Analysts also mentioned that by this fact, it does not mean that the new Windows are by any chance less popular with the crowd because it has received more attention of the users than expected. However, users seem to be demanding to get the new operating system installed in their computers and analysts believe that if the supply is enough and the demand is looked after properly, there is a chance the firm earns more than predictions through the new software.

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