MKM Partners Reduced Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s Target price

18 Sep

MKM Partners Reduced Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.'s Target price

MKM Partners reinstates a Buy rating with lowered target price

Underlying ambiguity steeping in the Chinese economy has caught Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. in the highlight. However, a significant amount of attention to the company has been adverse, several analysts has reiterated a rating of Buy to the stock, according to recent Alibaba stock analysis news. Rob Sanderson, an analyst at MKM Partners is amongst them; he also gave the stock a Buy, with the expected stock price declined from $105 to $85.

In a research note, MKM Partner has evaluated the macro risk in Chinese economy, and Alibaba’s EPS exposure to expected currency devaluation. In spite of the stock market of China chaos and macro ambiguity, the sell side firm is optimistic on e-commerce giant’s long term outlook. Moreover, MKM Partner believes that Alibaba’s commentary signal, lately shows only a slight slowdown in GMV growth, and therefore is “comforting, although not surprising.”

The sell side states that it sees a minor evidence of an effect of wealth on Chinese consumption from the present ambiguity in markets. Volatility in stock market hasn’t shown an association to GMV growth or retail spending at the company in the last decade. However, MKM Partner takes that economic indicators shows a slowdown, the change from offline to online commerce, of which around 11% if os retail, might survive a destruction in economic growth.

Significantly, Mr. Sanderson has cut the target price on somewhat lower gross merchandise volume growth and ongoing currency deflation. The sell side firm describes that the projections are reduced with Calendar year 2016 adjusted earnings at $2.92 per share compared to EPS of $3.29 per share preciously; lower GMV has a 12 cents impact, as reported by Alibaba stock news.

Furthermore, the firm believes that the probability for extreme currency deflation is the biggest threat to the company’s stock price. Therefore, the lowered price target shows both lowered projections and lowered multiple. MKM’s new objective is 25x the CY16 adjusted EPS forecast, from 32x earlier.

Hence, the currency deflation shouldn’t lead to economic shrinkage on nominal currency basis. Moreover, e-commerce giant’s GMV growth situation, in domestic currency, should be unaffected. Instead, global businesses export should take a hike. However, imports are expected to be negatively impacted.

On the whole, MKM Partners thinks the share price has already modified more than majority of large cap companies in China, as it is down over 37% year to date. Mr. Sanderson suggests accumulating Baba stock on weakness.

Almost 52 analysts were polled by Bloomberg, out of which 45 gave it a Buy, 5 suggests a Hold, and only 2 rated it a Sell. Alibaba Group holding Ltd. stock was up 3.51% to $67.18 at market close on Wednesday September 15.


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One response to “MKM Partners Reduced Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s Target price

  1. Corrie Pruiett

    September 19, 2015 at 3:01 am

    I think short term Alibaba will suffer, but that is too be expected with the current state of China’s economy. Long term I can see Alibaba still doing well since it almost seems too big to fail and has recently started dipping below it’s initial IPO price.



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