Google Glass Project Is Being Iterated By Google Inc

18 Sep

Google Glass Project Is Being Iterated By Google Inc

The search engine giant has decided to relaunch the Google Glass, but this time under a new project 

Google Inc has brought back the Google Glass project yet again, but this time around it has been given a different name called the Project Aura now, according to latest Google news. The search engine giant has been keeping the whole gadget production and popularity on the low for some time, but it looks like it is planning to return with the gadget with some changes to get attention of the audience in a better way.

However, apart from the name of the project, there are some things that have not changed at all as the CEO of Project Aura is still Tony Fadell, who previously was responsible to carry out the Glass activities flawlessly. In a recent release, it was seen that Fadell seems to be adamant about carrying forward with the same project even though it did not receive the kind of attention it was looking from by the general public.

Google business seems to be a little too serious about the whole project and it looks like this reiterated version of Google Glass might actually end up bringing something new to the market. The firm is reportedly looking for individuals who are electronic experts and have worked in huge tech giants previously.

According to a news report by the Business Insider on recent Google updates, it has come around to the attention of media critics that the firm has already done half of the hiring it has planned to do and three employees are working on the venture for sure, which previously worked at Lab126.

Another thing that the investors need to take care of is that Project Aura will be operational under the Google software company only and not under Alphabet, which is the tech giant’s parent company. On the other hand, even though Fadell Nest will be responsible to carry out tasks under the banner of Project Aura, there will be no relation of the venture with his own firm called Nest, which was also taken over by the tech company some time back. There are, however, speculations that it is possible that Nest ends up becoming another subsidiary of the Alphabet as well.

On the other hand, the tag line ‘Google Glass and Beyond’ that is being attached with Aura shows that the whole new project seems to be about a lot more than just the Glass gadget, which is building up excitement for it. The firm is currently hiring executives for the project which is just showing how much the tech firm seems to bound and determined to take it forward.

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