Amazon Launches it Fire TV: Streams 4K

18 Sep

Amazon Launches it Fire TV Streams 4K

Rigth after Apple, Inc comes out with its fourth generation Apple TV, Amazon announces its brilliant 4K TV streaming device; which will definitely give Apple’s TV a tough time in the market.

After Apple, Inc.’s fourth generation Apple TV launch last week, this week Amazon has launched its Fire TV. This is a 4k streaming Amazon Fire TV which comes with a new version of the Fire Stick,, according to latest Amazon updates. The e-commerce giant has incorporated Alexa in this as well. Alexa is the firm’s own digital personal assistant.

The updates that the firm has made to the Fire TV products are the Fire TV that is a small black plastic box that gets connected to the user’s television. This black box offers a variety of internet video streaming options and also supports 4k High definition video display for Amazon Prime Videos This is one feature that Apple cannot claim as yet that it’s TV has. Amazon it’s charging this service for $99.99 and £80 in the United Kingdom. The device comes with a built-in storage of 8GB while the Apple TV comes with a 32 GB and 64 GB storage.

The Fire TV can be pre-ordered from the Amazon website for $100 along with the HD device. These products will be ready to be shipped on from October 5, 2015 while the Five TV Stick will be ready to be shipped on from October 22, 2015 which will be just after a few weeks from the TV. The e-commerce firm has confirmed that through this device, users will get the maximum number of channels which will be more than any other online provider.

They will be provided with over 3000 apps from which the users can get the content. The services through which the e-commerce giant gets its content from are Amazon Video, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, ShowTime, HBO Now and a number of others providers. They also offer its customers a wide variety of other media player options such as Spotify, YouTube, Pandora and a few others.

The firm has also decided to launch a gaming version for the Fire TV along with an Amazon Fire TV’s game controller. The device will be backed by the cloud service which has the Whisper sync technology through which the users will be automatically able to sync Amazon Videos and music libraries. This allows the users to view their content on platform that they want. Another plus for customers who don’t have an Amazon membership is that they will be getting a month free membership with the new Fire TV.

According to the online shopping firm, this is the fastest selling device that Amazon has had, that is packed with all the features in one device. The main strategy that Amazon is going with is reduction in its prices and giving customers more value in a lesser amount. Five TV has the ability to play 4K content which is a display that will still take a while to be adapted by everyone. So through the Fire TV customers might just get used to the 4K display.

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